Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here I am

I'm back!  So after about a 2 year hiatus.  I've decided to come back to blogging.  My Google Anyalitics show that I am averaging still approximately 100 views per day and it's time I start making some Google ad money off you people. 

What have I been up to?

Well, I fell in love prior to stopping blogging and then I got fat.  So I've been in the gym a lot with some help from trainers and I am now in my best shape ever.  I went to L.A. and Puerto Vallerta.  In the latter I did something really bad.  There were 2 annoying Mexicans in the ocean splashing me so I went over to them and peed on them underwater.  Not my proudest moment back they deserved it.

I got A/C and now I dance in the summer months. Work is the same.  I like rap now (Sup Jeezy!)

You may notice the webcam position has changed.  Due to new furniture and electronics we've changed the position. 

And I still surrounded by the best fun loving friends.  And my favourite bitch of all, 11 year old Mya Pussy!

Now it's time to get drunk and get ready to dance!

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