Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Marcia

My super amazing sister in law celebrated a birthday a few weeks back (I'm a crappy brother-in-law.) Now she gets the props she deserves:

Here is why she is so special:

1) She bore me three amazing nephews.
2) She is really great to talk to for advice.
3) She loves the pop culture. Much like me.
4) She takes me to 2 Oscar nominated movies every February. It's Marcia and Mark's Oscar Movie Marathon Madness.
5) She is my dance partner at weddings until I whip her off the floor for my "Paper Planes" solo.
6) She is an amazing mother and her kids will reap the benefits as they age because of the all schooling, arts, crafts and activities she does with them. They are very advanced.
7) She has a cottage that sadly I have been too busy to go to the last 2 years. :(
8) She is probably the most giving person I know.
9) She likes the pay TV. I love the pay TV.
10) She makes my big bro very happy.

Happy Belated Marcia!

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