Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Liana!

We have been quite busy with life, work and whoring (obvs.) We got some bday top tens to catch up on.

Happy Birthday to my friend Liana. Here is why I enjoy your company:

1) You call her at midnight and say let's have a drink, she'll say, "Okay if I sleep over we can stay til last call." Amazeballs!
2) She will come to any bar I drag her too.
3) She is a fan of the TTC's late night vomit comet, which I also find to be a suitable mode of transport.
4) She laughs at my inappropriate jokes.
5) Canckle
6) It's fun to call her Bonana
7) She sometimes brings Nicole out. And Nicole never "wants to go home."
8) She likes beer. I love beer.
9) She likes cheap restaurants, that means more money for beer.
10) Canckle

Happy Belated!

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