Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Elle

Just before Christmas she left us after a few years in Canada from Australia. She broke my heart among others and then just like any relationship end I have 7 hours pass and I realize they were worth it anyhow. NEXT!!!!!!

But I still adore my dearest Elle and here is why:

1) She had True Blood dinner nights.
2) She has the mouth of a drunken northern Ontario Grandma
3) She was my partner in crime for every Yes Yes Y'all before it got huge and all our friends would come.
4) We once got picked up by siblings at a bar (and we will never speak of this again.)
5) She is one of the most amazing copy writers I have had the pleasure to meet.
6) She loves the wigs. Wigs make me melt.
7) Her and Cat, once promised to call me from the bar in Australia b/c Dolly Parton came on. Too bad they didn't have my number.
8) She still, despite her distance, in my humble opinion is the reigning co-queen of Ronnies Local 069 in Kensington Market.
9) She calls me possum.
10) She bought Angie Cheetah vest! Do not even get me started.
10.5) We both love the occasional dessert. And I love her.

Happy Birthday Elle!

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