Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday Falls: Security Goes Down

Music to my ears: Stars

I have owned the new Stars CD for a few weeks now but just iPod landed on it this week. Love this song. On repeat all day (that's what I do) and loud (which I never do because my dad would never let me listen to music loud. He also got worried when I used Q-Tips.) He is sensitive to ears (along with everything else) and I am a huge ass spaz,

Amazing: Kurt reviews a book

Ba ha ha! My friend Kurt has been reviewing children's books about Bears, which he is a fan of. Here is his most recent review.

Amazing: Real life Pac-Man

These guys are amazing. Thanks to Lekan for posting.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who is this lanky loser....

Another day, another dollar, another paparazzi. Look who got blindsided in a post about the ad behind him on Torontoist.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Elle

Just before Christmas she left us after a few years in Canada from Australia. She broke my heart among others and then just like any relationship end I have 7 hours pass and I realize they were worth it anyhow. NEXT!!!!!!

But I still adore my dearest Elle and here is why:

1) She had True Blood dinner nights.
2) She has the mouth of a drunken northern Ontario Grandma
3) She was my partner in crime for every Yes Yes Y'all before it got huge and all our friends would come.
4) We once got picked up by siblings at a bar (and we will never speak of this again.)
5) She is one of the most amazing copy writers I have had the pleasure to meet.
6) She loves the wigs. Wigs make me melt.
7) Her and Cat, once promised to call me from the bar in Australia b/c Dolly Parton came on. Too bad they didn't have my number.
8) She still, despite her distance, in my humble opinion is the reigning co-queen of Ronnies Local 069 in Kensington Market.
9) She calls me possum.
10) She bought Angie Cheetah vest! Do not even get me started.
10.5) We both love the occasional dessert. And I love her.

Happy Birthday Elle!

Amazing: Dancing in my grocery store

I briefly met Phil Villeneuve for the first time when my friend had mutual friends of his swimming in the Christie Pitts pool, late night during a heat wave for free. I knew who Phil V was. He is an amazing DJ who plays some of my favourite nights. I also thought he made Marky Craig Blog's Dance Move of the Week look amateur when Toronto Blog Torontoist posted this about his previous dance videos.

Phil out did himself last week when he did my new favourite song, Any Which Way by Scissor Sisters with a cameo from a good friend of mine Tynomi Banks in my very own grocery store at the Dufferin Mall. Oh, no he didn't. Oh, yes he did!

It's amazing and he is my hero.

You could say that shit was bananas. I say that shit was awesome!

I made this video for my friend Derrick...

We have been inseparable since we met in March and then the loser went and got a job in the east coast for 6 weeks. He told me earlier this week he missed my laugh. So I made him this video complete with a grammatical error. Since the video was for leisure I didn't brother fixing the error.

And...Ba Ha Ha I brother instead of bother up above to fool you as I was talking about grammatical errors. Ba ha ha! Suckas.

Happy Birthday Marcia

My super amazing sister in law celebrated a birthday a few weeks back (I'm a crappy brother-in-law.) Now she gets the props she deserves:

Here is why she is so special:

1) She bore me three amazing nephews.
2) She is really great to talk to for advice.
3) She loves the pop culture. Much like me.
4) She takes me to 2 Oscar nominated movies every February. It's Marcia and Mark's Oscar Movie Marathon Madness.
5) She is my dance partner at weddings until I whip her off the floor for my "Paper Planes" solo.
6) She is an amazing mother and her kids will reap the benefits as they age because of the all schooling, arts, crafts and activities she does with them. They are very advanced.
7) She has a cottage that sadly I have been too busy to go to the last 2 years. :(
8) She is probably the most giving person I know.
9) She likes the pay TV. I love the pay TV.
10) She makes my big bro very happy.

Happy Belated Marcia!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dance move of the week: Get Me Bodied

So my lovers, the reason I haven't had a dance move of the week in ages is because a) it hot in my apartment. b) I did this dance to Beyonce's Get Me Bodied 3 months ago and have never been crazy of the outcome. So instead of dancing in a sauna to a new song tonight I decided to just cal out what I don't like about it.


And re-live your favsies moves from the past here, more dancing coming soon.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This is graffiti I totally support

That is one smart person. I love cheese. All cheeses.
Sing it sister!

Rob Ford. Not a good choice for mayor

This guy wants to be mayor of Toronto. He can also kiss my ass.

This is the cutest

Friday Falls: Ouch

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Liana!

We have been quite busy with life, work and whoring (obvs.) We got some bday top tens to catch up on.

Happy Birthday to my friend Liana. Here is why I enjoy your company:

1) You call her at midnight and say let's have a drink, she'll say, "Okay if I sleep over we can stay til last call." Amazeballs!
2) She will come to any bar I drag her too.
3) She is a fan of the TTC's late night vomit comet, which I also find to be a suitable mode of transport.
4) She laughs at my inappropriate jokes.
5) Canckle
6) It's fun to call her Bonana
7) She sometimes brings Nicole out. And Nicole never "wants to go home."
8) She likes beer. I love beer.
9) She likes cheap restaurants, that means more money for beer.
10) Canckle

Happy Belated!