Monday, July 19, 2010

What a super fun summer

Here is my top 10 in no apparent order of summer fun.

1) Sunday Night Club with my boys, Derrick, David and Mark
2) Clearing the floor at Crews with Mark Anthony at Crews and get claps for the choreography.
3) Swimming outdoors and those who provide it.
4) Ashleigh and Michelle's Bday Parties.
5) Skipping hand in hand with Angie and Joy Bird.
6) My week off with Belle.
7) Busting a move with Sonja at the Poser party while a good friend watched from the side.
8) Slip and slide
9) Park time with the girls and David.
10) Ice cream and gelatto and long walks.
11) The new albums from Kylie and Scissor Sisters.

(I went 1 over)
Still to come Vegas, Dollywood and even more swimming.

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