Monday, July 12, 2010

Just because

I am a sappy tall guy and I love my work girlfriend, Monica. Here we are at the Thompson Hotel's first party on the rooftop, even before their opening party they had the Upfront party. It was fun.

Things I like about my work girlfriend:
1) She is amazing.
2) She makes me laugh uncontrollably
3) She likes it rough and often rough houses with me in the work halls. She throws me in to walls.
4) She reminds me that we get in trouble when we laugh walking through HR.
5) She is fun to get in verbal disagreements with. Growl!
6) She likes to go for gossip walks.
7) She comes to visit me in my office because I have a mirror.
8) She often needs me to carry her out of open bar parties, thus lowering my drinking. My mom would like that. Such a gentleman.
9) We are half and half of the work socialite combo.
10) She is fun to have lunch with in the common's area.
11) She has introduced me to Anne and Amy, my fav ladies whose names start with "A" this month.
12) We both stalk the neighbourhood non work celebrities.
13) Any relationship issue I ask her for advise on she replies, "F-Them, they are a loser."
14) We like to say "Make it rain"
15) It's been nice to have someone equally hard working but also equally full of energy.
16) She approves clothes for me to buy on lunch. It's nice because I don't give 2 shits about clothes.
17) She tells me when I smell of alcohol after a party night.
18) After being in a department which embraced my not only good looks but also quirks, My hot female Doppler ganger came around and is the ying to my yang.
17) She always comes to my bdays.

That's all, We will talk more about this tomorrow.

Smell ya!

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