Monday, July 19, 2010

Hurry up and go

So Monica, my work girlfriend is leaving work. I wrote that post the night before she was going to resign to try to make her change her mind but she sure is one stubborn bitch. Always putting her career over my needs.

So naturally come Monday when Monica is done I am going to treat this relationship much like my romantic relationships when they end, I am going to turn into a big work girlfriend whore and slut it up work girlfriend styles with any and every girl I see in the halls.

We will go for walks at lunch, they will pick out clothes for me to buy, they will come into the production office to look at themselves in my mirror. They will go to the local drug store with me to get kleenex while they will take deodorant off the shelf, apply to their own pits and then put back on the shelf.
Most importantly they will dance inappropriately with me at parties with real dancers who are probably just as disgusted at the grinding as they are at our form.

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