Monday, July 19, 2010


Mya Pussy has been all over me this summer, I think because I have been working at least 9 - 10 hour days for the last few weeks and also I leave the apartment when it's hot for swimming.

Usually in the summer it's too hot to cuddle, which I am okay with but I think my lack of availability has made embrace summer cuddles. There is a cute photo of us above. Although I do need a haircut.

A few months ago, a female friend suggested Mya and I submit to this website called Boys + Cats. It looked legit and I am sure that it is.

What I didn't know about Tumblr blogs, the competitor of easy to do blogs to Blogger, who I use, is that people can re-blog your stuff.
So I was a bit shocked when I saw that this cute photo of my cat kissing my forehead ended up on this blog. Tumblr leaves a link under the photo on the original site, that being boys + cats.
Not impressed. So don't post you and your cat on boys + cats because you can end up everywhere. Lesson learned. This photo has since been taken down from said website.

I am not going to even tell you what UNFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!! means. But she just invited me to her cottage in a couple weeks so I am over it.

Only me, I tell you, only me. It's important to not take laugh to seriously and laugh often and that I do.

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