Monday, July 5, 2010

Cheers Queers!

Happy Pride Toronto. I hope you had an amazing time.

I had fun going to a lesbian party with my besties on Friday and was complimented all night long. Compliments such as:

"Wow, are you a model?"
"I know you. You are the Marky Craig Blog guy." Ba Ha ha!
"We heard you are the sweetest guy ever. We just wanted to say hi."
"Can you do me a favour? Can you laugh?"

Thanks lesbians for the ego fluff. Also thank you to my core lesbians for bringing over your power tools and building me shit.

Also thanks to Sunday Night Club for partying throughout the week!

1 comment:

Will said...

hey mark.

i am just wondering if you do actually do get recognized on the street for your blog.

i ask because believe it or not I recognized you from your blog when I saw you at the bar on saturday night.

i tried to get your attention to say hi and that i liked your blog...but no luck...

ah well.

i wasnt sure if that was something that happened a lot so i was just curious.