Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday Falls: Snooki goes down like the midget beached whale she is

Snooki, from MTV's Jersey Shore goes down.

She was later arrested for drunk and disorderly. Snooki is not a person I feel strongly about.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Music to my ears: 80 Kidz Feat. Lovefoxxx

The leader singer of my favourite band, CSS, Lovefoxxx is featured on Japanese Band 80 Kidz new single Spoiled Boy. Great song.

"Spoiled Boy" 80kidz feat. Lovefoxxx from Who-Fu on Vimeo.

Monday, July 19, 2010

What a super fun summer

Here is my top 10 in no apparent order of summer fun.

1) Sunday Night Club with my boys, Derrick, David and Mark
2) Clearing the floor at Crews with Mark Anthony at Crews and get claps for the choreography.
3) Swimming outdoors and those who provide it.
4) Ashleigh and Michelle's Bday Parties.
5) Skipping hand in hand with Angie and Joy Bird.
6) My week off with Belle.
7) Busting a move with Sonja at the Poser party while a good friend watched from the side.
8) Slip and slide
9) Park time with the girls and David.
10) Ice cream and gelatto and long walks.
11) The new albums from Kylie and Scissor Sisters.

(I went 1 over)
Still to come Vegas, Dollywood and even more swimming.

This is good: Banana Split Blizzard

Who knew DQ had a Banana Split Blizzard, I usually get the original Banana Split but prefer the blizzard treat with it all mixed together. My first bite I was so overwhelmed I didn't know whether I was going to vomit, urinate or pass out. Luckily none of those happened but it was pure bliss. Mmmm Yummy!

Music to my ears: Kid Cudi

Thanks to Angie for showing me the genius of Kid Cudi.


Mya Pussy has been all over me this summer, I think because I have been working at least 9 - 10 hour days for the last few weeks and also I leave the apartment when it's hot for swimming.

Usually in the summer it's too hot to cuddle, which I am okay with but I think my lack of availability has made embrace summer cuddles. There is a cute photo of us above. Although I do need a haircut.

A few months ago, a female friend suggested Mya and I submit to this website called Boys + Cats. It looked legit and I am sure that it is.

What I didn't know about Tumblr blogs, the competitor of easy to do blogs to Blogger, who I use, is that people can re-blog your stuff.
So I was a bit shocked when I saw that this cute photo of my cat kissing my forehead ended up on this blog. Tumblr leaves a link under the photo on the original site, that being boys + cats.
Not impressed. So don't post you and your cat on boys + cats because you can end up everywhere. Lesson learned. This photo has since been taken down from said website.

I am not going to even tell you what UNFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!! means. But she just invited me to her cottage in a couple weeks so I am over it.

Only me, I tell you, only me. It's important to not take laugh to seriously and laugh often and that I do.

Hurry up and go

So Monica, my work girlfriend is leaving work. I wrote that post the night before she was going to resign to try to make her change her mind but she sure is one stubborn bitch. Always putting her career over my needs.

So naturally come Monday when Monica is done I am going to treat this relationship much like my romantic relationships when they end, I am going to turn into a big work girlfriend whore and slut it up work girlfriend styles with any and every girl I see in the halls.

We will go for walks at lunch, they will pick out clothes for me to buy, they will come into the production office to look at themselves in my mirror. They will go to the local drug store with me to get kleenex while they will take deodorant off the shelf, apply to their own pits and then put back on the shelf.
Most importantly they will dance inappropriately with me at parties with real dancers who are probably just as disgusted at the grinding as they are at our form.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Just because

I am a sappy tall guy and I love my work girlfriend, Monica. Here we are at the Thompson Hotel's first party on the rooftop, even before their opening party they had the Upfront party. It was fun.

Things I like about my work girlfriend:
1) She is amazing.
2) She makes me laugh uncontrollably
3) She likes it rough and often rough houses with me in the work halls. She throws me in to walls.
4) She reminds me that we get in trouble when we laugh walking through HR.
5) She is fun to get in verbal disagreements with. Growl!
6) She likes to go for gossip walks.
7) She comes to visit me in my office because I have a mirror.
8) She often needs me to carry her out of open bar parties, thus lowering my drinking. My mom would like that. Such a gentleman.
9) We are half and half of the work socialite combo.
10) She is fun to have lunch with in the common's area.
11) She has introduced me to Anne and Amy, my fav ladies whose names start with "A" this month.
12) We both stalk the neighbourhood non work celebrities.
13) Any relationship issue I ask her for advise on she replies, "F-Them, they are a loser."
14) We like to say "Make it rain"
15) It's been nice to have someone equally hard working but also equally full of energy.
16) She approves clothes for me to buy on lunch. It's nice because I don't give 2 shits about clothes.
17) She tells me when I smell of alcohol after a party night.
18) After being in a department which embraced my not only good looks but also quirks, My hot female Doppler ganger came around and is the ying to my yang.
17) She always comes to my bdays.

That's all, We will talk more about this tomorrow.

Smell ya!

Viewer Mail Response

Hi Will,

You asked if strangers actually recognize me on the streets. It's happened twice that strangers have asked me if I was the guy from Marky Craig Blog.

If you see me in a bar again you probably should introduce yourself. I love new blog friends. I also also like it when they buy me Rickard's White. :)

The last girl bought me a shot.

I often fall: Broken glasses

Early Friday evening I was dancing on my own, fitting to Robyn's "Dancing on my own" when I had a little trip, trip over my own fit, I fell face first into a piece of office furniture and busted my glasses. I, for some reason have never put my hands out when I fall. I remember once growing up my dad actually sat me down and was all "Why, don't you put your hands when you fall? I don't get it. You can't keep hitting your head!"
Well dad as the last 29 years have showed, yes, I can and yes, I am very good at it.

Here are the ladies at the glasses shop checking out the damage and about to tell me I am screwed.

I tried to crack the one sitting down but she was having none of it. I was the one in good spirits even after a fall and glasses break. So then I took photos of them when they least expected it. Ba ha ha.

But thanks to insurance I have new frames for only a $15 co-pay!


Friday Falls: Pole Dancer Down

I sometimes practice actually doesn't make perfect.

Here is another one since it's been a while.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cheers Queers!

Happy Pride Toronto. I hope you had an amazing time.

I had fun going to a lesbian party with my besties on Friday and was complimented all night long. Compliments such as:

"Wow, are you a model?"
"I know you. You are the Marky Craig Blog guy." Ba Ha ha!
"We heard you are the sweetest guy ever. We just wanted to say hi."
"Can you do me a favour? Can you laugh?"

Thanks lesbians for the ego fluff. Also thank you to my core lesbians for bringing over your power tools and building me shit.

Also thanks to Sunday Night Club for partying throughout the week!

Friday Falls: Diving board

I will swimming all night for free tomorrow at Bathurst and Dundas as heart alerts in Toronto mean free swimming until 11pm.