Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nose bleeds

So I have had 7 nose bleeds over the last month. This confuses me because nose bleeds aren't crazy common to me. Last nights bleed was a big one, both nostrils and clots through my mouth (I'm pretty sure that last statement will make me single for another year.) Ba ha ha.

I called Telehealth (Love them, have them on speed dial) and they recommended me get to a hospital because I was feeling tipsy and dizzy. But still in typical Marky fashion I made drink plans with a new friend on my way to the hospital not letting them know that I lost a lot of blood.

At the hospital, they constricted my nasal blood vessels, froze my nose (ouchie) and then burned close my bleeding blood vessels. All has been good today. No bleeds! Yay! Although it's kind of gross as I can't clean my gross nostrils until tomorrow am. Bear with me peps.

I go to the doctor next week to confirm it's from dryness.

See above, even with shit up my nose after a 3 hour wait. Still in great spirits. That's the Marky way. Thanks Telehealth and Toronto Western Emergency.

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