Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Michelle

One of my favourite people celebrated a birthday this past Saturday. Happy Birthday Michelle. Here are some of the reasons you are so God damn lovable:

1) You always answer pay attention and answer all my True Blood questions.
2) You have taught me the importance of not drunk texting.
3) You are my go to for relationship advice.
4) You sing karaoke with me because you are good and I am not.
5) You keep a watchful eye on me. My parents appreciate that.
6) You invite me to your work for drinks sometimes.
7) You come over for microwave popcorn.
8) We both love occasional ice cream treats.
9) When I miss a pivotal Belle moment, you always fill me in. It's totally legit, you're a good peer.
10) You make really good tacos.
11) You make my favourite little Birdie go "tweet, tweet."
12) You provide furniture for my favourite little cat.
13) You always pay me back promptly when I front the costs of tickets, etc. That's friends.
14) You love a game of celebrities as much as I do.
15) You often make me laugh for hours.
16) You're parents and entire family for that matter are the cat's pajama's. I see where you get it.
17) You help me organize and de-clutter, although it doesn't last long, it's the thought that counts.
18) You are learning how to play Dolly Parton's Jolene.
19) You hair is looking so darn cute.
20) If this was jeopardy it would be an video clue, birthday growl:

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