Tuesday, June 29, 2010

G20 - Glad it's over

Can I just say, I hated everything G20 related this weekend. For weeks I wondered why Toronto even wanted this to happen. A fence was put up over an area in Downtown. Scary riot police were walking around my work. Loser violent anarchists were destroying my downtown.

Here is a story about me getting yelled at by a scary riot police:So I was walking down Dundas on Saturday near University when a Budget cube van blocked the intersection. Then 50 minivans were in a row driving super fast behind it. A fat, gross, riot cop jumped out and said, "Nobody, F*cking move!" So I didn't. I litterally thought I was going to get beaten by one of those sticks. I have always been afraid of cops, despite my love of following rules. Authourity has always made me nervous. The guy beside me on the corner yelled "You're pathetic." Having been scared about a stick beating already I moved away from this guy at the intersection since he was yelling. I got caught by the cop and he yelled again "I said Don't F*cking move!"
Then the fatty hopped back into the mini-van like he was diving out of the way of a bomb in a zone and he's fat legs were still hanging out of the mini-van. They drove off. I wiped the shit out of my undies and continued on my weekend walk cut short by the 3 P's I hated this weekend, Protesters, Politicians and Police (in riot gear.)
Nothing like being treated like a prisoner in your own city in a non G20 related area. I hated it all. Also, myself, yelling guy and 5 grandmas should never be told by anyone not to "F-ing" move. We were all harmless, yelling guy could have been crazy but still the majority just wanted to cross the street.
Here are some pics I snapped on my walk before I got scared. This was hours after the actual breakage:
Spray painted Police car.

Smashed Yonge Street Urban Outfitters.
Smashed Starbucks.

Not impressed.

Here are my 2 fav videos posted from the weekeknd.

This was me but replace shopping with walking. Who gave you the right?

G20 and Stephen Harper can suck my right one.

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