Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The day the wasp stung me twice on the subway

The subway in Toronto is always filled with crazy people and crackheads which scare the other passengers. Last week I became one of them. Let's discuss.

So here I am tall, awkward, probably hung over, Marky on the subway going to work. I notice 2 wasps on the subway. "Wasps on the subway????!!!" I think to myself. That's weird. I better keep an eye on them.

Then I lost them. Something else had caught my eye, (if you know what I am saying) then I noticed that the air conditioning seemed to be stronger as I often stand under the doors, never touching anything with hands of course.

Then I felt something hit my hair....I slapped it probably very girlie. I was wearing a shirt that allowed for some breathing room around the neck. All of a sudden I discover as I yell that I have a wasp down my shirt. I got stung once. Then I started spinning and yelling in between the doors on either side of the train. trying to get the wasp out of my shirt. Most people ignored me on the subway. Of course thinking I was a crack head.

I got stung again. I yelled again, at this point my shirt was so pulled up trying to release the little f*cker that more skin of mine that should ever be shown on the TTC was exposed. I found the wasp in my shirt. Squished it (although you hurt me, sorry little buddy.) Threw it on the ground and step on it.

That was the day the subway thought I was on crack. My back hurt for 2 days.

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