Thursday, May 6, 2010

Um, Hi

I'm sorry I had what the doctor's believed was strep throat. But I am feeling a lot better now. Good drugs.

Here are some key learnings I learned during my brief bout with un-optimum health:

1) Being single and living alone can get boring. That's why I try to plan an outing almost every night (even if it's just the gym or tv night.) It's really boring when you are home for 60 hours straight.

2) Although boring and having nothing else to do Mya Pussy and I had some good sleep marathons and cuddles. I now have a sore back and neck from all that lying down.

3) Strep can make you feel out of it. I gave my landlord the wrong keys for the electrician at first. That was silly Mark.

4) Dance music is not as fun when you can't dance.

5) I bought Boost to help me get my nutrients, I ate lots of vegetable soups and breads. It gagged it up every time. It's gross. No wonder some poor old people eat cat food, that meal replacement crap is shit. I lost some pounds.

6) I miss going to work. I really like my co-workers. Especially Monica, Barb and my grumpy office-mate Nick, I bet he has missed me coming into the office while he is in conversation with someone else and then busting in and asking what they are talking about. He starts to explain and if I think it's boring I just turn around and walk away. Ba ha ha!

7) I have not been to a bar or had at least a single drink in 5 days. That's a record!

8) If you spend the night sweating through all the bedding and blankets you own your room is gonna smell bad. As I told my friend Derrick, it smelled like the inside of a hockey bag. That was not a fun laundry day.

9) Maybe I loosen a little my germophobe regime. As my boss suggested I should start liking the subway poles. I once saw a baby do this and almost barfed.


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