Monday, May 24, 2010

This was not a good weekend for my personal property

It's a really good thing my friends make me ridiculously happy. Because this weekend saw me burn 2 holes in my favourite windbreaker. So annoying. Who would think that standing against a wall outside a bar talking to friends would leave you with 2 burn marks in your favourite windbreaker. The kicker was that beside the bar was a hippie incense store and they had burning incense sticking out of their brick wall exterior. We hate the Trading Company at Queen east of Bathurst.

Also I left my bike over night at my friend Isobelle's house Saturday and some loser(s) stole my nights, bell and smashed all my reflectors. I didn't ride my bike because I was going to be drinking and in return I get I all my safety features vandalized. Vandalizers are assholes.

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