Saturday, May 29, 2010

No neck turning, arm reaching and bending over, oh my!

My trapezius muscle and I have not been on speaking terms for the last 2 weeks. It culminated in me not being able to turn my neck for the last 3 days. Also I wasn't able to raise my arm and also I was having spasms in my neck. If this is the beginning of a life of back issues my back go and take a hike because I am not having any of it.

I am now on anti-inflammatories and can actually turn my neck to both sides. Yay!! I think bad posture during late work shifts was the culprit.
I also got X-rays taken today because I could have some underlining back issues. They made me wait in the small change room for 10 minutes while they checked the film. I wasn't allowed to get changed so I took photos of myself in my gown.
I can finally turn my neck both directions.

See you on the dance floor soon bitches!

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