Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's summer time...almost

The weather is summer-like and that only means one thing in Toronto, the crazies and crack heads come out in full force. I spent the Monday holiday in Trinity-Bellwoods taking in the sun with my new park loving friend David. We were sitting on the grass when I weird old dude came up to me. This people love me. They seem to be magnetically drawn to me. Maybe it's because I am tall and like to wear bright colours.

So this old weird dude walked up to me and asked if I were Jewish because he said sins that needed to be forgiven. Creepy. I said no. Then he asked for money to get up to Bathurst and Lawwence. I declined. The whole time he was talking to me cookie crumbs were cascading out of his mouth all over me. I didn't take that very well but I also didn't want to run away squealing like a girl infront of a new friend. I am a bit of a character and I need to slowly bring out my many quirks. I took the cookie crumbs like a bitch all over my shirt. Yucky.

Old weird dude did want to shake my hand. It's hard for me to even have bodily contact with people I really like so I was having none of the hand shake. His hand was out, the cookies were flying. I hated it.

Then he went on to go harass others. This is my first run in with a crazy person this spring. There unfortunately will be many more. :-(

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