Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Laura

Today, my sister Laura turns 82, umm, I mean 26.

Here is some reasons why I love her:

1) She owns a car. I need rides.
2) She calls and tells me stories I think would be funny. I love stories.
3) She takes ice cream very seriously.
4) Although I don't like to hear it she often calls me out when I need to be called out.
5) 2 words: Rom Coms!
6) She can listen to me talk about myself at length for hours.
7) Her budgeting habits should be applauded. For a young cookie she is years ahead of me.
8) She makes my sister in law Marcia very happy, we like it when Marica is happy.
9) She is pretty nice, she helps out places that have bad things happen.
10) She likes the wine! I like it a lot more but she does like the odd glass. Then I finish the bottle.

Happy Birthday Baura!

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