Monday, May 31, 2010

Hot Hot Hot! Full Kylie Video

Yum, yum, yum!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

No neck turning, arm reaching and bending over, oh my!

My trapezius muscle and I have not been on speaking terms for the last 2 weeks. It culminated in me not being able to turn my neck for the last 3 days. Also I wasn't able to raise my arm and also I was having spasms in my neck. If this is the beginning of a life of back issues my back go and take a hike because I am not having any of it.

I am now on anti-inflammatories and can actually turn my neck to both sides. Yay!! I think bad posture during late work shifts was the culprit.
I also got X-rays taken today because I could have some underlining back issues. They made me wait in the small change room for 10 minutes while they checked the film. I wasn't allowed to get changed so I took photos of myself in my gown.
I can finally turn my neck both directions.

See you on the dance floor soon bitches!

Friday Falls: Slip and Slide

Happy Friday! I know it's Saturday but my mobility is not what it used to be. (Read Above)

Best line(s) of the week: Bikes and Laughs

2 good ones this week:

1) My best friends Belle and Michelle bike browsing with me last weekend when Belle suggested a tall bike that had a girlie wallet type accessory under the seat. "That's girlie!" I declared. To which Belle said "Marky you are basically wearing spandex and a purse." Ba ha ha. I was wearing skinny jeans and my work bag. Got me Belle.

2) My friend Tom from the States who I haven't seen in 4 years. "Can we all just cheers to Marky's laugh since I haven't heard it in 4 years." Amazing!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's summer time...almost

The weather is summer-like and that only means one thing in Toronto, the crazies and crack heads come out in full force. I spent the Monday holiday in Trinity-Bellwoods taking in the sun with my new park loving friend David. We were sitting on the grass when I weird old dude came up to me. This people love me. They seem to be magnetically drawn to me. Maybe it's because I am tall and like to wear bright colours.

So this old weird dude walked up to me and asked if I were Jewish because he said sins that needed to be forgiven. Creepy. I said no. Then he asked for money to get up to Bathurst and Lawwence. I declined. The whole time he was talking to me cookie crumbs were cascading out of his mouth all over me. I didn't take that very well but I also didn't want to run away squealing like a girl infront of a new friend. I am a bit of a character and I need to slowly bring out my many quirks. I took the cookie crumbs like a bitch all over my shirt. Yucky.

Old weird dude did want to shake my hand. It's hard for me to even have bodily contact with people I really like so I was having none of the hand shake. His hand was out, the cookies were flying. I hated it.

Then he went on to go harass others. This is my first run in with a crazy person this spring. There unfortunately will be many more. :-(

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Kylie's new video for her song, All The Lovers, is gonna be hot. Hot people, making out and rolling around in the streets. Hot. This is not something I would do because road's are dirty. But, hey, a boy can dream.

I do not get the Charles reference

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank you Will Munro

I didn't know him personally but I always knew who he is was and was thankful for what he did. Will Munro died Friday at the age of 35 of brain cancer. He is the owner of one of my favourite bars and also created a community in my west end hood in Toronto for artists, gays and their friends, my favourite people to go out with. Thank you Will for breaking down walls and stereotypes. To all of Will's friends and family my deepest condolences. To Will I say thank you. Thank for all that you have done to make the west end the amazing place I love.

To learn more about this incredible man check out this link.

Playing this on repeat

I am the king of playing songs on repeat. Here is my current fav.

BTWs here is my current iTunes top 25:

This was not a good weekend for my personal property

It's a really good thing my friends make me ridiculously happy. Because this weekend saw me burn 2 holes in my favourite windbreaker. So annoying. Who would think that standing against a wall outside a bar talking to friends would leave you with 2 burn marks in your favourite windbreaker. The kicker was that beside the bar was a hippie incense store and they had burning incense sticking out of their brick wall exterior. We hate the Trading Company at Queen east of Bathurst.

Also I left my bike over night at my friend Isobelle's house Saturday and some loser(s) stole my nights, bell and smashed all my reflectors. I didn't ride my bike because I was going to be drinking and in return I get I all my safety features vandalized. Vandalizers are assholes.

Friday Falls: Table face

Here I am! I took a little time off to re-connect with my besties as I worked crazy hours this week.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is good: 1664 Blanc

Kronenburg is out with a white beer (my favourite kind of beer.) I had a 1664 Blanc pint on the roof of the Adelaide Street Pub. Yummy! This is the fruitiest tasting of all white beers I have ever had.

Most are made with orange peel and coriander.

Mmmm. Yummy! Beer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I love pussy! pussy! pusy!

Cute! Cute! Cute! Pussy! Pussy! Pussy!

My sister is quarantined with a virus in Australia...

Her face swelled up hardcore. She came on facebook chat tonight from the hospital and I talked for most of the conversation about my nose bleed I got in the grocery store. She was generally concerned. She is a sweet heart.

Although I did not have the best day. I worked until 11pm, I spilled burrito juice all over my crotch and then all I wanted was food and then my nose starting gushing blood all over my coat in line at the grocery store. I felt like a crack head. I attribute it to a dry house and work place. Awww. I love that coat.
I have been chilling with kleenex shoved up my nose for the last hour. Get well soon kido!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Music to my ears: New Kylie

Yummy Yummy Yummy!

Kylie's new single "All the Lovers" from her upcoming album, Aphrodite. Also Kylie is currently writing a musical based on her songs. I think I just wet my pants.

Friday Falls: Stage Fall

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I do not like this

This video is making it's way around the world. Some dirty old DJ man fondles the breasts of what I believe to be his girlfriend. I feel bad for her. If he does it in public who knows what he is doing to her in private.

This bitch needs Oprah to set her straight, get some self esteem and ditch the epitome of douche bag.

Save her Oprah please!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nephew speed alphabet

I got to see the 2 apples of my eye yesterday, my nephews, who I haven't seen since Christmas. Way too hard. Ian and spent the drive home studying Beyonce's dance moves for his favourite song, Single Ladies.

Ben spent the day showing off mad alphabet stylings:

Happy Birthday Laura

Today, my sister Laura turns 82, umm, I mean 26.

Here is some reasons why I love her:

1) She owns a car. I need rides.
2) She calls and tells me stories I think would be funny. I love stories.
3) She takes ice cream very seriously.
4) Although I don't like to hear it she often calls me out when I need to be called out.
5) 2 words: Rom Coms!
6) She can listen to me talk about myself at length for hours.
7) Her budgeting habits should be applauded. For a young cookie she is years ahead of me.
8) She makes my sister in law Marcia very happy, we like it when Marica is happy.
9) She is pretty nice, she helps out places that have bad things happen.
10) She likes the wine! I like it a lot more but she does like the odd glass. Then I finish the bottle.

Happy Birthday Baura!

Tacos El ASSador

Friday night's dinner at my favourite neighbourhood authentic taco shack was blurred by this being in face.Ladies, this is so not hot. Wear a belt bitches!

Friday Falls: Ow my nards

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Music to my ears: New Kelly Rowland

HOT TRACK! HOT TRACK! HOT TRACK! Thanks Derrick for the heads up!

Best line of the week: Mikey B, SJP

Tonight my bbff (Boy Best Friend Forever,) Mikey B asked if I wanted to go see Sex and the City 2 at midnight the day it opens.

To which I replied, "I haven't seen an episode or the first movie."

Mikey B replied....wait for it....."My jaw just dropped to the floor in Australia."

Ba Ha Ha. Amazing. I am going to use that one.

And p.s. Mikey B never comes out with me past midnight on a work night.

The beautiful, fabulous Flay gets some blog love too in the photo. Yay! Flay!

Um, Hi

I'm sorry I had what the doctor's believed was strep throat. But I am feeling a lot better now. Good drugs.

Here are some key learnings I learned during my brief bout with un-optimum health:

1) Being single and living alone can get boring. That's why I try to plan an outing almost every night (even if it's just the gym or tv night.) It's really boring when you are home for 60 hours straight.

2) Although boring and having nothing else to do Mya Pussy and I had some good sleep marathons and cuddles. I now have a sore back and neck from all that lying down.

3) Strep can make you feel out of it. I gave my landlord the wrong keys for the electrician at first. That was silly Mark.

4) Dance music is not as fun when you can't dance.

5) I bought Boost to help me get my nutrients, I ate lots of vegetable soups and breads. It gagged it up every time. It's gross. No wonder some poor old people eat cat food, that meal replacement crap is shit. I lost some pounds.

6) I miss going to work. I really like my co-workers. Especially Monica, Barb and my grumpy office-mate Nick, I bet he has missed me coming into the office while he is in conversation with someone else and then busting in and asking what they are talking about. He starts to explain and if I think it's boring I just turn around and walk away. Ba ha ha!

7) I have not been to a bar or had at least a single drink in 5 days. That's a record!

8) If you spend the night sweating through all the bedding and blankets you own your room is gonna smell bad. As I told my friend Derrick, it smelled like the inside of a hockey bag. That was not a fun laundry day.

9) Maybe I loosen a little my germophobe regime. As my boss suggested I should start liking the subway poles. I once saw a baby do this and almost barfed.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eww: Yuck

I carry shopping bags on my arms. I have long gangley gorilla arms so carrying bags in my hands hurts my shoulders and upper back because of the pulling it does. so I carry bags on my forearms bent. It's better for the back.

Today for the first time, I caused some damage. Oopsies! Bruises are not hot.

Friday Falls: Fat dad goes down

Ba Ha Ha!