Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Surprise Birthday Megan!

Happy Birthday Megan.

Tonight was Megan's surprise birthday. Surprises always make me nervous. When ever my boss is all like "Can we chat later?" I spend the day packing up my desk as I think I am about to get laid off. Luckily hasn't happened yet.

Here is why Megan is cool.

1) She is a new friend but a good friend.
2) She can be a bit of a shit disturber.
3) Once this summer she knew my physicality and dared me to jump over a picnic table. I almost died.
4) She was J.D. Sampson for Halloween.
5) She brought the lovely Jenn into our group of friends.
6) She doesn't make me look always bad for texting a lot.
7) Her legs looked really hot tonight.
8) She always offers me beers when she brings them.
9) Knowing her allowed me to become friends with Soakes and Sonya whom I like.
10) She is just a nice, honest, sweetheart.

Check out her surprise:

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Melanie said...

11. Her rubber arm is one of my favourite things to twist.
12. If she flashes her dimples we can pretty much convince anyone of anything
13.most thoughtful person alive!