Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Isobelle

How do you come up with 10+ reasons why your most favourite person for the last 10 years is awesome? You don't. But you can scrap the surface for birthday times sake.

Here is why Belle makes me melt:

1) She has seen me grow from little boy to a man and has long seen and encouraged me to be the man she knew I could be.
2) She is extremely protective of me. Even if it meant threatening to walk around the Dovercourt and College area with a stick to stick in a douchebag's spokes, she was there for me.
3) Me and her can laugh for hours about nothing.
4) She brought Michelle, Melvin and Angie into my life and I love her for it. Such loving, amazing people.
5) Next to the Flay, she is the most excitable person I know and it is so cute it makes me melt.
6) She not only knows me as her sidekick, but also as raw denim jeans which she always talks about.
7) She gave me my beloved Mya Pussy.
8) Just looking at her from across a room warms my heart and can make me laugh for hours.
9) Best drinkin' buddy ever.
10) She is just plain old entertaining.
11) She challenges me to not be so shy and timid.
12) She falls a lot, not as much as me, but still funny.
14) She loves Taco. (Go figure. I do too.)
15) She unlike me is a conversationalist. I am not. Belle can work a room like nobody's business.
16) We love the same music.

That is just scrapping the bottom. Like I said. There is no way to rank someone who has been the most important person in your life for the last 10 years. I love her to death. She knows it. xoxox

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