Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dance move of the week: No more Velma

I got my glasses re-adjusted today. Yay! No more shooting them off across the dance floor or my living room. This is also good considering I lost an older pair of glasses at the gym last night. I think I left them in my locker. Hopefully they turn up. I would like to have faith the old, fat, naked Portugese grandpas who fill my hood. The lost and found didn't have them. These were 2 prescriptions ago so I guess I should have stopped wearing them for workouts a while ago.

Get ready for a head shaking:
Here is a long awaited dance move of the week. Leave it to me to dance to a Beyonce song about the dresses girls wear to go pick up. I love the beat.


Rick said...


jones said...

that I think, was the best dance move of the week. you even had kim up dancing alongside to you.

you're fucking adorable.

mr. I have a headache.