Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Music to my ears: New Scissor Sisters

I love these dudes and the first track off their album coming at the end of June is amazing. I've been waiting 3 years and checking their website every week for the last year for new album details.

Kylie, Sharon Jones, LCD Soundsystem, Band of Horses, Black Keys, Christina, Sia, Stars, MIA, Justice.

This is going to be a good music summer. Shake your hips bitches!

Spin. spin, sugar

This week I have done my first ever 2 spinning classes at the gym. It's been tough but I have kept up with the instructors. I am done with the ellipticals. Spinner is such a better workout. It's hard, but summer is coming and hard work pays off when you are in a bathing suit. I have already biked 45KM this week in 2- 1 hour classes. My legs feel amazing.

Although since I wore skinny jeans last Friday to work and was told by some female co-workers that they were jealous that I didn't have hips and that they wished their legs looked like mine in skinnys, I am hoping it helps with muscle building. That is because apparently I have the best feminine legs in the office.

All I can do is laugh. Which I do well.

Winter Retrospective

My amazing friend Angie made this video of winter fun. Sochi 2014, I think I will be representing Canada in the Mens single's shoe figure skating competition.

Winter from Angie Bird on Vimeo.

I also love when Reggie's ball rolls down the hill, Me giving Dolly some lovin' and as always when Angie dances in her marching band uniform.

We love that gal!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love this song

I found a bunch of new Dolly Parton songs on an old CD I got. I love the song "2 Doors Down." Dolly is ready to party. Unfortunately, she playing to a bunch of crack heads. This audience is whacked.

True Blood Mini-sode 1

HBO is releasing 6 mini-sodes to tide blood thirsty fans over. Here is the first one starring one of my favourites, Eric.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Isobelle

How do you come up with 10+ reasons why your most favourite person for the last 10 years is awesome? You don't. But you can scrap the surface for birthday times sake.

Here is why Belle makes me melt:

1) She has seen me grow from little boy to a man and has long seen and encouraged me to be the man she knew I could be.
2) She is extremely protective of me. Even if it meant threatening to walk around the Dovercourt and College area with a stick to stick in a douchebag's spokes, she was there for me.
3) Me and her can laugh for hours about nothing.
4) She brought Michelle, Melvin and Angie into my life and I love her for it. Such loving, amazing people.
5) Next to the Flay, she is the most excitable person I know and it is so cute it makes me melt.
6) She not only knows me as her sidekick, but also as raw denim jeans which she always talks about.
7) She gave me my beloved Mya Pussy.
8) Just looking at her from across a room warms my heart and can make me laugh for hours.
9) Best drinkin' buddy ever.
10) She is just plain old entertaining.
11) She challenges me to not be so shy and timid.
12) She falls a lot, not as much as me, but still funny.
14) She loves Taco. (Go figure. I do too.)
15) She unlike me is a conversationalist. I am not. Belle can work a room like nobody's business.
16) We love the same music.

That is just scrapping the bottom. Like I said. There is no way to rank someone who has been the most important person in your life for the last 10 years. I love her to death. She knows it. xoxox

Free Mustache Rides

My bestie Isobelle celebrated her 31st with mustaches galore. Mustache rides were free and fabulous. I took the pic. That is why I am not in it.

This is good: Ice Cream Heaven

Welcome to Canada Cold Stone Creamery. How you make me cream my pants. Similar to the Marble Slab, they take hard ice cream and mash in toppings and sauces to make your ice cream amazing.

What I didn't like is how they make the workers sing when new ice cream is made. Just like Licks I feel if you are paying someone minimum wage don't make them sing. Also they say there sizes are Like it, Love it, Gotta have it and then in small print it says for the cool impaired, small, medium and large. Lame

What you see above is something called Cookie Dough You Didn't. It has sweet cream ice cream, cookie dough, chocolate chips and fudge and caramel. Yum Yum!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eww: Vomit entrance

Today was filled with a lot of screaming and jumping.

Last night some drunk loser puked all over the entrance way to my low rise. Knowing how things get cleaned up here. It will be there all summer. Eww, Check it out for yourself:It's time to get a move on, I'd say.

Friday Falls: Diving Board Loser

I love diving boards, just about as much as I like pineapple.

and I thought this was pretty funny too. Mya Pussy does dumb shit like this as well.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm dying! I'm dying!

Yay! It's not summer without Kylie! Check out that beat!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Music to my ears: New Kate Nash

I love young British singer Kate Nash, Her 2nd disc, "My Best Friend Is You" is out Tuesday April 19. Yay!

Less than 3 months away

True Blood is coming back! Yay!

Happy Birthday Derrick

Yesterday one of my newest friends, Derrick turned the big 3-0. I told him that because he is a new friend so he only gets a top 4. He is cool with this because he likes things concise.

Here is why I think Derrick is rad:

1) He is really good at Karaoke, I'm jealous of his talent. I can't sing worth shit.
2) He is pretty clever. Although, most conversations make me run to google.
3) He is a huge Glee fan. I am too!
4) I think I have finally met my match in the sassy department I am learning that I can dish it but not take it very well.

Happy Bday Buddy!

New 'do

Yay! I got a real haircut for the first time in about 2 years this weekend. Michelle who usually cuts my hair in her bathroom is now too busy with her new career so she hooked me up with Randy from Primp. Randy is awesome and so is his space. Check out what others are saying. All my friends love their Randy one on one time.

2 Lakeview Ave (Dundas, west of Ossington)
647 238 3430

Randy rules, check him out if looking for a change.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Best line of the week: King

Today after my massage, my RMT, who is this middle aged, artsy, hippie lady proclaimed in a loud powerful voice as she left the room so I could put my clothes on said:

"You are the King! Re-claim your throne."

Then I laughed, a lot, for a long time. Then my back hurt from laughing so much. I think she did it on purpose.

It's important to not take yourself so seriously

After putting my coat down in a dirty bar last night, this morning I realized that it was very dirty. So I just wore my sweater this morning to my massage. Then I met up with 2 of my favs, Belle and Mel for some shopping and sushi. All of a sudden it was 9:30 and cold.

So they dressed me up. Belle gave me a scarf and Mel graciously gave her coat. Although it's a small coat it was nice to have. I walked down major streets and even got wine. No strangers made fun of me to my face that was nice.

Thanks ladies!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best line of the week: Tea

B-Diddy (it's a nickname for Barb) on Friday came into my production office, I was enjoying a lemon blueberry tea from Timothy's earlier, I couldn't locate it. I said in a loud, powerful manly voice (I don't know where this voice came from but they I wish I always had it.) As I was saying I said "I HAD A TEA...."

Then B said "That one day all steeped tea would be flavourful." B is usually not that funny but she made me laugh a whole lot. It's was funny.

You may have to had been there.

Dance move of the week: No more Velma

I got my glasses re-adjusted today. Yay! No more shooting them off across the dance floor or my living room. This is also good considering I lost an older pair of glasses at the gym last night. I think I left them in my locker. Hopefully they turn up. I would like to have faith the old, fat, naked Portugese grandpas who fill my hood. The lost and found didn't have them. These were 2 prescriptions ago so I guess I should have stopped wearing them for workouts a while ago.

Get ready for a head shaking:
Here is a long awaited dance move of the week. Leave it to me to dance to a Beyonce song about the dresses girls wear to go pick up. I love the beat.

Yay! It's Back

Yay! It came back and it was good. I would've liked more Mercedes and more big musical numbers but we don't always get what we want, like how Shue wants Emma but can't have her.

Thanks to my co-worker Nick so giving me the foam finger. They were giving them out on the streets.

Here is Sue Sylvestor doing Vogue, it aired during the U.S. broadcast tonight. I don't know why it is backwards. It's the only one I could find:

And here is an audio preview of some of the other songs from next week.

SNL Tiger Commercial

Friday Falls: Table tumble

Here I am. Been saving this since Friday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Best line of the week: ladies man

Today I had a very productive day. Everything seemed to go right and and 36 spots went out the door. It was a lot.

My co-worker Michelle said to me "Mark Craig, you have made a lot of women very, very happy today."

Then I laughed for a long time. Then I stopped laughing. Then I laughed some more.

Amazing, Who knew I was such a ladies man? What! What!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thanks again for the support

Firstly sorry the blog hasn't been so exciting lately. I have been a busy boy. Work is busy, the gym keeps me busy, the friends and family I don't get to see enough of keeps me busy. Sometimes it's hard to update but thanks for sticking with me.
Since January, over 1,000 unique visitors have come to read the blog an incredible 2,500 times from 57 countries across the world.

Life is really good and happy right now but I will make more time to post. I am on a huge Beyonce kick right now and when I am not too tired sometime this week a huge Dance Move of the Week is going down bitches.
Thanks again.

Here is a double fist pump to thank you.

Thanks Bonnett

I will be a full month into my 29th year tomorrow but the birthday love has not stopped. Tonight my dear friend Bonnett took me to the keg. I am super full and ready to pass out.

Thanks Bonnett! Mmmm Yummy!

This will no doubt help me gain more weight as I am currently at my all time heaviness of 185lbs. Woo Hoo! I contribute it to weights and eating more. Although I have lost inches from my waste I have gained muscle mass everywhere. Although most people now think that the BMI is a crock I know am a 21.9 right in the middle of normal weight. I have been called Ano(rexic,) sickly and gaunt all my life. Happy that is changing.

Gyms are good. Join one.

Music to my ears: New Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

Sharon Jones is my all time favourite singer. She is like a cooler, skinnier and better dressed Aretha Franklin (I do like her to.) Her new album came out this week. A month early as her label wanted to ride the buzz train from the Michael Buble performance from SNL that Sharon dueted and stole the show.

This album was recorded on an old fashioned 8-Track with her band the Dap Kings. The Dap Kings also played all the music on Amy Winehouse's last hit album.

My favourite song is "Better Things" where Jones says goodbye to a bad relationship after I cheating spouse. Listen below:

The album titled "I learned the hard way," Makes it clear that 51 year old Jones has been through some heart break. I'll keep this close for the next time I dumped and traumatized for the 3-4 days it takes me to get over it.

You can listen to whole album on Spinner til Sunday right here.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Even More Glee

!!!! I think I just wet my pants.

One week from tonight. I feel like Jesse Spanno on Saved By the Bell when she was addicted to caffeine pills and instead of singing I'm so excited.

I am very excited for the last 9 episodes of Glee but I have been blogging and posting so much I may be overwhelmed. Much like Ms. Spanno. Then I am going to prance around naked and spin on stripper poles fully nude (which all my friends know is my number no-no for pole dancing. Which I take very seriously. Remember fully clothed and legs outside not wrapped around. (Mom/Dad please note: That was a Showgirls reference"

Happy Surprise Birthday Megan!

Happy Birthday Megan.

Tonight was Megan's surprise birthday. Surprises always make me nervous. When ever my boss is all like "Can we chat later?" I spend the day packing up my desk as I think I am about to get laid off. Luckily hasn't happened yet.

Here is why Megan is cool.

1) She is a new friend but a good friend.
2) She can be a bit of a shit disturber.
3) Once this summer she knew my physicality and dared me to jump over a picnic table. I almost died.
4) She was J.D. Sampson for Halloween.
5) She brought the lovely Jenn into our group of friends.
6) She doesn't make me look always bad for texting a lot.
7) Her legs looked really hot tonight.
8) She always offers me beers when she brings them.
9) Knowing her allowed me to become friends with Soakes and Sonya whom I like.
10) She is just a nice, honest, sweetheart.

Check out her surprise:

Monday, April 5, 2010

New toy for an old pussy

My dad got Mya Pussy a new for my birthday. It was nice of him. I just figured out how to make. I am not very handy and the instructions were a piece of shit but Mya Pussy is happy. It's a teeter totter.

She will be happy until I accidentally step on it and send her flying. We will aim to not let that happen.

This was once me...

I took my parent's 6 years ago for an hour long tour of downtown while messed up on dentist drunks after wisdom teeth removal. We were at College and Spadina. Ba ha ha. This video reminded me of it. You don't have to watch the whole thing if you get tired.

1) I was clearly high, why were my parents asking me for directions.
2) I don't drive. How was I supposed to know. I just kept saying left.
3) I get easily distracted.

My parents know this.

Happy Easter

I feel bad saying this but I really enjoyed Easter alone in Toronto. I had a really good time. I didn't go home because my family celebrated on Saturday and I had already committed my man strength to a friend's move. It was a busy and fun weekend.

I laughed a lot, meet some cool new people, spent a lot of time outside, got my cousin's bike on the road and of course, fell down stairs while moving.

I did miss my family. Especially my nephews.

My Easter gift to you is this:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Runaway Pussy!

The light in the hall of my apartment has been burnt out for weeks. Last night I came home late and didn't realize that Mya had ran out as I was entering a dark room. I woke up this morning and couldn't find her. I had a minor freak out than ran upstairs to find her sleeping in between my super's shoes.

I later found out that 2 of my neighbours were passing her around trying to find who owned the cat.

Mya Pussy has learned a valuable lesson. Home is good. There is food, litter and most importantly me. I took the light situation into my own hands and changed the bulbs this afternoon. I'm so manly.

Shitty Situation

Thanks Nick for showing me this. This guy rules.