Friday, March 26, 2010

This is good: Slava Vodka

Tonight at the new, nice LCBO by my parent's house they were sampling Ukrainian Beer and Vodka. The beer was good, I forget the name. But the vodka was superb! It was called Slava. It was actually featured on the CBC program Dragon's Den a few week's ago.

It was really smooth and yummy straight up. I recommend it. I am not a big liquor drinker but I could drink this on the rocks. It's rice based and filtered 4 times.

Today was a good day for free samples. I got mini eggs, trident layers gum, beer and vodka all for free. I think the vodka did make me a little tipsy as my dad and I went to get booze for a prize tomorrow at the Buck and Doe. My dad caught me screwing up what I was asked to get and then I got in trouble for being tipsy. Ba ha ha!

Slava is available at most larger LCBOs and is premium so it costs roughly $4 more per 750ml.

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