Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is good: Allen's on the Danforth

Mmmmm! Yummy! Tonight the wonderful Winnie took me out for belated bday burgers at Allen's on the Danforth. As a Westender/Downtown boy I rarely go east of Yonge but boy I am glad I did.

For a pub that opened in 1987 they are now with the times and serve all organic. The burgers come from organic sides of beef in the kitchen. Best burger in a long time. Yummy!

The chicken wings were amazing too so were the sweet potato fries. What was nice was for once in a pub, the food exploded with flavor. It was nice. It was good. I wet myself.

I even got belated bday ice cream cream puff. Mmmm Yummmy!

Thanks Winnie!
I absolutely adore you!

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