Sunday, March 14, 2010

There's no place like home...

When you are glasses and you belong on someone's nose. Last night while dancing I danced my glasses right off my face.

Then I went to report back to friends about what just happened when I demo'd the moves again only to have my glasses shoot off my face and going flying far beyond where the eye can see. Myself, my friends and even strangers were crawling along a gross, dirty dance floor trying to find them. I then went to the bouncer and got his flashlight. I was flashlighting the floor and found them under a table 30 minutes after the fact. I was really happy. I did a victory lap dance for all the people in the bar. They were really happy for me. I felt like I won the gold medal. It was hot.

Juat when I though I couldn't get anymore retarded. I did this and have proved to myself that yes, I can be even more spazzy than previously thought.

New rule for self: Hips shake, head doesn't.

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