Friday, March 26, 2010

There is no place like home

Yay! A much overdue full weekend back home in Brantford, Ontario. Since I like ranking things here are the top 10 reasons I am excited to go home:

1) My dad takes me shopping and pays.
2) There is always fresh, cut fruit in the fridge. Tonight pineapples and strawberries. Yummy!
3) Lots of stairs, running up and down stairs helps tucker me out.
4) Endless milk, cheese and ice cream. I love my dairy.
5) Lots of alcohol stocked and I didn't pay for it. Even better.
6) Get to hang out with Pat, my best childhood friend for the last 26 years.
7) I look forward to making it 2 consecutive visits that my parents don't find me passed out covered in blood or vomit. Long stories. I'll tell you in person.
8) The Marble Slab.
9) Being in Pat and Tiff's Buck and Doe
10) My sister Laura will share stories with me of stories of funny things her friends do. Such as a friend who called tonight and said "We lost our grandma" Laura gave her condolences only to be told that the grandma is not dead just misplaced. The Grandma was found she was just an hour late because she didn't set her clocks ahead last week. She lived an hour behind the whole last week. Ba Ha Ha! That's my kind of Grams!

B-R-A-N-T-F-O-R-D Let's go!

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