Monday, March 8, 2010

My Love / Hate for bubble gum on friday

Friday was super fun with Mikey B at Big Primpin' at Wrong Bar. Although Mikey B was supposed to watch my beer while I left to use to facilities. Then I came back and took a sip of beer only to spit it all out over the floor of the bar. We were in a secluded corner but people probably thought I barfed. The beer liquid came out of my mouth. Then I reached into my mouth to pull out a wad of random stranger bubble gum. I almost died. I came very close to barfing. I then ruined Mikey B's night in typical Marky C style by asking him for hours repeatedly what type of communicable diesases I could get from this encounter. I was not a happy camper. Mikey B deserved it for not being a good watcher. I still love him though.

Then someone in the bar came up to me and said "You are the most stunner person in the bar tonight. I have been watching you laugh and smile with your friend all night (that was Mikey B.) You look so happy and it's absolutely cute and adorable but you seem shy. You shouldn't be shy. Everyone in the bar should be shy to come and talk to amazing person like you."

And then they walked away. Oh well. That's good for the ego. So I felt not so bad for the bubble gum.

Then I woke up the next morning and my new skinny jeans were covered in bubble gum all over the ass. "Shitballs" I said. Then I googled how to get gum out. It talked about freezing, lighter fluid, ironing, gasoline, salt. "Screw this" I said. I went to my dry cleaners at Bloor and Ossington and they weren't sure they could get it out but they did and it only cost me $3. They got a big tip.

How did they get it out? "High pressure steam" I was told. Amazing. I wore the skinnys last night and rocked them.

I now love bubble gum again.

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