Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marky "mean pour" Craig

Many of Brantford's finest had nicknamed me Marky "mean pour" Craig after a stellar bar shift at my childhood best friend's buck and doe this weekend. I know beer. I love beer. I know how to pour the perfect beer from bottle to glass and my clients were appreciative.

I love new nicknames. I also love seeing old friends from my hometown past. What a fun weekend.

Here are things I liked about a long overdue Brantford return visit.

1) Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream,
2) How my dad heard Laura and I talking about his stuffed potatoes and then he made them. Yum!
3) Mom's lasagna and caesar salad. Yum!
4) The bathroom in my parent's house my dad re-decorated. It's beautiful.
5) Riding around town with Josh all saturday. Josh ask me questions and I like to talk about myself.
6) The Buck and Doe and seeing Pat.
7) Cheese. So much cheese in my parent's fridge.
8) Matty V's girlfriend who loves Eddie Murphy and also loved my laugh. She said something funny bitch.
9) My dad studies wine trends and always let me bring home an award winning bottle. Yay!
10) Dancing with my sister Laura.
11) How at the buck and doe I was somewhat incharged of the door. No one can ever hear me when there is background noise. People got to choose gum and if the gum was coloured black they won a prize. I kept saying this to people but they couldn't hear me so they kept offering me gum. So embarrassing.
12) How everyone looks to me to start a dance floor. Holla.

Here are pics from the after party:

Here I can't remember what is going on. But some activity or person is definately giving me anxiety.

Here you can really see how I tower over a Brantford crowd. P.s. Every female in Bramtford seems to be pregnant. Brantford Baby Boom bitches.

Me being frisky with one of my fellow groomsmen, Nicole. Ba Ha ha!!!! I love how Pat has a lady groomsmen. They bought me an extra large shirt. I can now in small it was huge but I can save it for my fat years.

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