Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ice Cream Weekend

I had the best ice cream filled weekend. Friday I got Dairy Queen before my train. Then went home to find a dairy queen ice cream cake for my birthday. This was my first time home since then.

Then Saturday m sister and fellow ice cream fan, Laura to The Marble Slab in Brantford, Laura raves about it. I thought it was just okay, as my cotton candy ice cream tasted like strawberry. I returned it to be told that it was strawberry. I argued than I said "Fine!" and stomped out. Marble Slab is like a blizzard in hard ice cream form. You get to add in toppings. I chose cotton candy (aka strawberry) with pineapple. Then I had more Dairy Queen cake after dinner. Yummy!

Then when I arrived back in Toronto tonight I had dinner with my favvourite people and then since Turtles ice cream is $3.99 at Metro we had that for dessert. Yummy! Now that is a bargain. Thanks Michelle!

If I ever become lactosintolerant I would be very sad.

The pic above is my marble slab or should I say marble slap in the face.

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