Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Angie

Another Bday. It's been a tough year for our little birdie. Her bestie moved away, a mentor quit her work, she found out most of her friends don't love gospel night which is one of her favourite nights and I failed to give her her own top 10 bday list last year. This year she gets a top 20.

Here is why I adore Angie:

1) She is so cute, she makes my loins burn.
2) She sits on my lap. Hubba huba.
3) She loves Pink.
4) She can channel Tina Turner and give me a lesson in dance.
5) We hold hands and skip down the street.
6) She likes it when I rub her heart chakra.
7) When shy and has to enter a room she asks herself "How would Queen Latifah enter?"
8) She makes my co-bff very happy.
9) When she orders poutine she asks for "Poutine Fries"
10) She calls me sugar. Just like the Pink song "Glitter in the air."
11) She taught me how to ask the universe for things.
12) She dresses incredibly. Marching band hats, cheetah vests, red and blue boots. Hot!
14) (I skipped a number. Superstitious.) She is rocking hot new locks.
15) She is one of the most creative people I know.
16) She brought Aleysa and Tobias into our group.
17) She makes good soup.
18) Just looking at her makes me smile.
19) She can piggy back me.
20) She says lurve instead of love and sno instead of snow. Cute.
21) She is super nice, cute, friendly, fun and sassy. Whata gal!

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