Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The funniest video in the world

I am the king of inappropriate laughing. I laugh when stressed. I have laughed at a funeral (not saying whose) but someone burped and it turned into a blame game only for a young cousin to blatantly point and blame an old sister of the deceased. I also have laughed when an older relative would say grace (Not saying who). I have laughed until I laugh so hard I cried during my cousin Kendra's wedding. I didn't want to cry (wedding's always make me cry.) So I guess I laughed. The wedding itself was beautiful. My brother Dave asked if I were crying and I said "I always cry at weddings." This made everyone around us laugh because it was funny. I also used to laugh when my parent's punished me and made me sit in a chair in the corner of the dining room. Boring. I used to laugh as I got yelled at. Thus increasing my sitting time. For an ADHDA boy that blew.

Check out this dude's inappropriate laughing. Funny!

Thanks Nick. So many tips these days. Sharing is caring bitches!

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