Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best. Weekend. Ever.

I'm still smiling. What an amazing weekend. My birthday party was amazing! So much fun! What more can you ask for then being surrounded by your best friends for a night of food, drinks and dancing. I had an amazing time. I got some amazing gifts such as the kit-in-box (more on this above,) from Michelle and Angie, Final Cut from Mel (it's editing software, good for the job) a hot cardi from Liana and wine and beer from Danielle, Ashley, Finlay, Devon and Steve. A lovely Skye sesh with my favourite sister from down under. Plus upcoming dinner dates with Belle, Flay, Winnie and Bonnett and the best card ever from the amazing Aleysa, the photoshop queen.
A big THANK YOU for all the Birthday love, the presents and cards, the party, the dances and numerous drinks and shots.

I tell everyone I have the most amazing group of friends who I absolutely adore and last night you proved why.

Special thanks to Angie for letting me dance with her big poofy hat on, Michelle for hosting and my Fab 4 for supplying food and drink.

I am one very lucky boy!
Love you

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