Thursday, February 25, 2010

Unofficial Resume

Fun! Last night while out with friends we talked about our unofficial resumes. Skills you have that you can't really put on your real resume.

Here are some of mine, I added some from last night:

1) Able Bodied - I can shake my hips. Lots.
2) Agile - I get up quickly from falls that should've killed or paralyzed me.
3) Team Building - I make good martinis.
4) Efficient traveler - I can walk really far, really fast.
5) Outgoing - You don't have to twist my arm to go out for a drink.
6) Caring - I am a freaking fabulous uncle.
7) Loving - In the friend sense. I absolutely adore my friends.
8) Fast Mover - I get over stressful life hard ships that should cause years of alcoholism and eating disorders within 7-10 days. More severe 3-4 weeks. I like laughing and being happy too much.
9) Safety Conscious - I love preaching safety, even to strangers. Everyone needs to know.
10) Cleanliness. I will preach purell and lysol wipe etiquette.

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