Monday, February 8, 2010

Tip: Stock up on gloves

A few weeks ago I left a pair of $60 leather gloves in a cab. I realized this as it was driving away. Despite my best efforts those gloves drove out of my life.

Today I forgot my replacement gloves (it's Monday, shit happens.) Then I was out for daily 30 minute power walk at lunch when my hands were getting cold. You can't sashay down Queen Street with hands in your pockets. So I decided to try Urban Outfitters for gloves. I found the same ones I lost and they were on clearance for $10. All gloves, $10. You can save up to 50 bones like me.

So if you are around an Urban Outfitters, it may be a good idea to grab another pair or 2 because if you lose them soon you will be shit outta luck. They wool ones too for the people who don't wear leather.

Vogue by Madonna came on iTunes so I decided to Vogue for the photo.

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