Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yesterday I was laughing so loud at work (this often happens) that I disturbed a meeting one floor above me (this usually doesn't happen.)

I asked myself why can I laugh loud and not talk loud. Something I was talking to friends today about and Michelle suggested a vocal coach. I am hooking that shit up first thing Monday am. While I am there I am going to make my coach make me the best singer I can be.

I blow at singing but I love it. In grade 5 a teacher by the name of one Mrs. Api Stagger told me at the Christmas Concert I had to move my lips to the words but not sing because I sing off key and will ruin it for the others. She gave me a complex, still to this day. She is not my favourite person.

Here is a picture of Cat and I singing karaoke. I am sure that it is teen pop. I look insane. I hope I don't always look like that when I sing. Off for tacos with my besties. My fav! Mmmm! Yummy!

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