Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sexy and the city councillor

Okay, for the majority of the last 24 hours I thought Adam Giamborne was a big pig like Tiger Woods (he still totally is.)

A co-worker did make me feel a small bit sympathetic for him briefly today. Young, tall, nerdy, man in his 20s becomes a city councillor sluts from far and wide throw themselves at him. He starts having relations with them. Probably his first time with ladies as a 26 year old councillor. I don't feel bad for the guy. The power went to his head (will both heads.) He is a whore.

This 20 year old mistress screams whore too though. Who leaks an affair to their mother and has her mom's support and then submits a Whitby mall Glamour Shot as her pic for the papers.

I think it was a good thing that Giamborne stepped down for the mayor race.
1) Because I am rooting for George Smitherman.
2) He has ran the TTC into the ground, we can't afford for him to screw up the city anymore.
3) The lady he calls his life partner is hot. Poor her. I feel bad for her.
4) He lives around the corner from me. My dirty look has been perfected.
5) We have some things in common. I too was a young politican. I was elected to my grade 8 council as secretary. With a platform stressing that boys can be secretaries as well. I was a big whore with all the power back then too.

Okay I think it's bed time, work tomorrow. I don't want to be screwed like a fat 20 year old on Adam's office couch.

Good night!
xo xo

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