Monday, February 15, 2010

People pleasing is what I do best

This week I was a pretty nice Good Samaritan. Thursday night I found $20 in a bank machine in a bar. What to do with this money, I thought. I looked at it. I pondered. Then I texting my karma queen Michelle asking her what to do with it. I didn't want some asshole to buy more drinks with it. Michelle texted back and suggested it go to a donation box. I agreed. It went in the Haiti box at Tim Hortons the next day. Then after I donated all the money I had in my wallet to Haiti I was going to pay with Pay pass only to learn that it would be declined because a bar charged my card $4,600 instead of $46 when I took Michelle out for drinks on Tuesday. I was pissed and it showed. Everything will be corrected.

I also ran after a man who dropped a glove. I had to run fast to because he couldn't hear my yelling. I also was concerned a gym bag at a Subway station that looked to be left could be something not good so I waited and observed it only for a person 20 feet away to come and get it and go on a train. I was like an undercover spy. It was fun. Safety first!

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