Sunday, February 28, 2010

OMG I love weekends

My weekends keep getting funner and funner (I know funner is not a word but I think it should be so I use it.)

Friday I went to the 50s-60s party at the Ossington it was just medium, then on my walk home I bumped into Esther who is an acquaintance I am a fan of, she was celebrating her bday at Baby Huey upstairs. She invited me up where I ran into my favourite new friends, Fawn and Jenn who invited me out for more drinks. Those ladies make me laugh.

Saturday I woke up for Marcia and Marky's Oscar Movie Marathon Maddness, then met friends tobagganning in Trinty-Bellwoods then over out with Belle's work friends and late night drunken Dolly Parton kareoke.

Then as I said before was hockey and Olympic day.

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