Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nice random things that make me happy

1) When streetcars stop for people running after them.
2) When all cars and pedestrians stop for sirens.
3) When kids at the daycare on the way home from work run into their parents arms.
4) When fat people laugh.
5) When people in restaurants by themselves suddenly get joined by guests.
6) When people give homeless people money or buy them food.
7) The cute dog outside the fabric store on Queen, west of Spadina. It doesn't like to be petted, but I know it likes me. Right beside McDonalds, yo.
8) When kids ask me "if I'm taller than (fill in the blank) i.e. their brother, bridges, trees, CN Tower, etc. Cute.
9) When I can reach groceries for the short. I actually live for this. I love to be asked to reached.
10) When I can provide strangers especially tourists directions. I actually seek them out. Love this.
11) When, most like tonight I can spend all the change I have playing lots of Dolly in a row in the Juke Box at the Henhouse and the crowd seems to like it.
12) When great things happen to great people. Like Michelle newest adventure in employment. Yay Michelle!

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