Monday, February 15, 2010

Mi-Shit List: Roadside Zoos

Don't mess with Michelle and animals. She has penned her first Mi-Shit List (I wrote the first one based on facts.)

Ontario Roadside Zoos

Almost anyone, regardless of experience, expertise or financing can start a zoo in Ontario. The provincial government does not licence or regulate the keeping of exotic wildlife which represents approximately two-thirds of all the animals kept in Ontario zoos. People don't even have to prove to the Government that they have the money to support the animals. This is total bullshit...and the fact that we allow this to happen is so Un-Canadian of us. I feel a little ashamed, don't you?

Do not visit roadside zoos or animal displays.
If you do stop at a roadside zoo and see an animal in distress you should contact the Ontario SPCA immediately.

This video is kinda cheesy but it shows the "lives" of animals in the roadside zoos.

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