Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's all over, sad

The Olympics are over. That's sad. It's the last day of me wearing my red Olympic Sweater for awhile too. Time to hang it up.

What an amazing end to 17 days of pure bliss. OMG, I love the Olympics! It was a pleasure to actually get to do a small bit of work on the broadcast of them. I also think it's time for them to go though sadly. I cried when that 50 year old man won curling yesterday. As Michelle said I should not be admitting that. Probably, but I have no shame. The crowd was just so happy and all red cheering. I am super patriotic. I also am a super pussy.

Although kind of tacky, Catharine O'Hara said during her speech at the closing ceremonies that Canadians like to say sorry. I am the king of sorry. I say it all the time and I mean it. I loved how Michael J. Fox wasn't so shaky tonight as well. I really do love him.

Toronto was crazy after the hockey game. In true multi-cultural fashion Canadian fashion I watched the game with a lesbian from Australia and an Asian girl and me who probably never seen a full game before. The bartender was amazing and bought me drinks. Fun! Thanks Ronnies! Here is a quick clip of the bar after the win. Bad lighting and quality.

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