Monday, February 8, 2010

I often fall: College street tumble

I am all for the government ripping up all the streets in downtown to create jobs in these tough economic times but they are not doing a good job of refinishing the roads and sidewalks. Today I tripped on some re-finished uneven road and did one of those falling tumbling type of falls across College Street at Ossington. One knee hit the ground after running while falling for about 20 feet. Atleast all the cars and pedestrians got a free spazzy show out of me. It wasn't as bad as a usual Marky fall.

Beyonce had a minor fall this weekend too. I have a lot common with B. Both us were born in 81, we have amazing singing voices, legs that seem to go on forever and we both fall.

She recovers better than I do. Sometimes Beyonce falls hard too. This is usually more like one of my falls as well.

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