Monday, February 15, 2010

I love long weekends.

This weekend was super fun.

Friday was crazy busy, work followed by Olympics with the Flay. Fun times! Then Karolyne's from work's bday party at the 5th. I don't belong on Richmond Street in Club district. I stick out like a tall sore thumb in a bar full of dress pants and button up shirts with lots of buttons undone. Then I had fun with my ladies at Blondies and then made it to Ron's Olympic party for last call. Fun! I never have this much going on. I am not that cool.

Saturday, Mikey B came over. Remember he is Australian. We got in a fight because he didn't know who Wayne Gretzky was. Then we went to see our friends Wade, Kris and Margot who were the only good things about a dark and seedy bar with lack lusture clientelle. Props to Margot for wearing her coat made of wig hair it was fun to play with. Then 2 of my favourite M's, Mikey B and Margot and I went and had corn flake chicken sandwiches at the Lakeview Lunch after 2am. Mikey B liked it so much he brought his roomie there the next day but then got food poisioning.

Sunday I worked then met up with my ladies and Ron for fun times.

I feel I need a long weekend to recooperate.

All and all it was super fun. I really enjoy my friends.

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