Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun nights

Last night friends of mine went skating at Nathan Phillips Square. I chose not to participate as I should not be let around children with sharp objects. Michelle was not into skating as well so if we are going to be cold, we might as well be drunk I thought. So I took her out for drinks. It was fun. It was fun to see the parents and kids out skating as well. It no secret that I love kids and can't wait to have my own once I get over my whoring stage.

One kid found debrie on the ice and was all like "Mom, it's going to ruin to my skates but I need to throw this out." It was a crushed coffee cup. I said "Don't ruin your skates, I'll throw it out." I did. That little girl was cute.

I feel last night will be the same when my own kids want to go skating. I'll let them skate by themselves and Michelle and I will show up buzzed and do whiskey shots while we wait.

Why wouldn't I get the seal of approval from adoption agencies.

Then we went to the Keg for food and drinks by the fire. So nice. As me, Michelle and Birdie were walking home we thought it would be rude to walk past our local, Ronnies 069 and not have a drink. So we did. I taught a few people in the bar the German cheers a friend taught me.

Here goes: Table top, table bottom, table left, table right, table top, bottom, left, right, table, table, drink.

Tonight I took my good friend Juli out for sushi for her long over due Birthday diner. Then we played New Super Mario Brothers Wii with her husband. It was a fun night. Here is Juli and I in Cuba drinking Mojitos on our way to Havana last April. That was a fun time.

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