Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day

Screw Valentines Day. Yay Family Day. I love my family. They are good times. It's nice that so many people can get along so well. Let's say something nice about each of my family members.

Dad - Nicest person I know.
Mom - The glue that keeps us all together. Also thanks for making me cute.
Tim - He buys me Wendys in the car all the time.
Marcia - Has been a great source of support since I met her, especially in the last year.
Carolyn - My drinking buddy.
Dave - has a hot tub. Hot tubs are fun.
Ainsley - Is the newest addition married in. She is super nice.
Laura - She calls and tells me stories I would think are funny. That's fun.
Katie - is super nice and caring and makes good cookies.
Ian - Thinks my favourite colour is stripes. Cute.
Ben - Loves pickles much like his Unky Mark.
Aven - Likes TV, I love TV.

I spent my family day with my Toronto Family of best friends who I love watching my favourite Comedian Margaret Cho's new DVD Beautiful. This girl cracks me up.

In the clip below Margaret who is married to man but very open to anything talks about what she wants to do sexually to Sarah Pallin. If you are my mom or like my mom it may be to crude to handle. Just a warning.

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