Sunday, February 28, 2010

OMG I love weekends

My weekends keep getting funner and funner (I know funner is not a word but I think it should be so I use it.)

Friday I went to the 50s-60s party at the Ossington it was just medium, then on my walk home I bumped into Esther who is an acquaintance I am a fan of, she was celebrating her bday at Baby Huey upstairs. She invited me up where I ran into my favourite new friends, Fawn and Jenn who invited me out for more drinks. Those ladies make me laugh.

Saturday I woke up for Marcia and Marky's Oscar Movie Marathon Maddness, then met friends tobagganning in Trinty-Bellwoods then over out with Belle's work friends and late night drunken Dolly Parton kareoke.

Then as I said before was hockey and Olympic day.

It's all over, sad

The Olympics are over. That's sad. It's the last day of me wearing my red Olympic Sweater for awhile too. Time to hang it up.

What an amazing end to 17 days of pure bliss. OMG, I love the Olympics! It was a pleasure to actually get to do a small bit of work on the broadcast of them. I also think it's time for them to go though sadly. I cried when that 50 year old man won curling yesterday. As Michelle said I should not be admitting that. Probably, but I have no shame. The crowd was just so happy and all red cheering. I am super patriotic. I also am a super pussy.

Although kind of tacky, Catharine O'Hara said during her speech at the closing ceremonies that Canadians like to say sorry. I am the king of sorry. I say it all the time and I mean it. I loved how Michael J. Fox wasn't so shaky tonight as well. I really do love him.

Toronto was crazy after the hockey game. In true multi-cultural fashion Canadian fashion I watched the game with a lesbian from Australia and an Asian girl and me who probably never seen a full game before. The bartender was amazing and bought me drinks. Fun! Thanks Ronnies! Here is a quick clip of the bar after the win. Bad lighting and quality.

Ah Ya!

Pick your ponies. A new season of ANTM is only 10 days away. Since Tyra got tired of being the "fat one" on the panel. She fired her 3 third supermodel judge, Paulina Porizkova and hired tubby male Andre Leon Talley, editor at "large" for Vogue magazine. I can't wait.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feeling Patriotic?

There are a lot of nay sayers out there, complaining about the Olympics and how often the "I Believe" song plays. This complainers are just people that need to get laid. It's not there faults. The Olympics have really brought the country together.

3 Golds and a bronze today - before 6pm, B.C. time - amazing! Here a music video for Classfied's song Oh Canada. Like any hip hop song I only like the chorus. Oh, I like the beaver line too.

If Canada should win the hockey tomorrow Yonge street will be crazy. I was out there when Canada won 8 years ago. Impromptu hockey games shut down major city streets. Here is a tip: Buy your flags before the game. The flag stores jack up the prices after the game.

I won't be partying like that this time now, I am older now. I don't party in the streets with riff raff.

The 4th or 5th Annual Marica and Marky's Oscar Movie Marathon Maddness

Every year my sister-in-law Marcia and I go and see 2 Oscar nominated movies a weekend close to Oscar time. Today was the day! I lost track of how long we have been doing this for. Maybe 4 years.

Today we saw Avatar (it was long enough so no other movies this year) in IMAX 3D. I think James Cameron is a big knob but it was visually stunning. The plot was okay. As Angie's mom says "It's Ferngully with the CGIs."

I was unaware of the communal eyeglasses. Marcia and I are probably the words biggest germaphobes. There was a lot of screaming, wiping and purelling. I found a website that sells IMAX glasses so I think I will purchase a set.

Marcia and I clean up well for the movies:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Falls: Singer Falls

Talk about making an entrance.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Unofficial Resume

Fun! Last night while out with friends we talked about our unofficial resumes. Skills you have that you can't really put on your real resume.

Here are some of mine, I added some from last night:

1) Able Bodied - I can shake my hips. Lots.
2) Agile - I get up quickly from falls that should've killed or paralyzed me.
3) Team Building - I make good martinis.
4) Efficient traveler - I can walk really far, really fast.
5) Outgoing - You don't have to twist my arm to go out for a drink.
6) Caring - I am a freaking fabulous uncle.
7) Loving - In the friend sense. I absolutely adore my friends.
8) Fast Mover - I get over stressful life hard ships that should cause years of alcoholism and eating disorders within 7-10 days. More severe 3-4 weeks. I like laughing and being happy too much.
9) Safety Conscious - I love preaching safety, even to strangers. Everyone needs to know.
10) Cleanliness. I will preach purell and lysol wipe etiquette.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am not putting one hand in the air

Get it? Okay probably not. The Whitney fans will get the title. In million dollar bill Whitney says"If you feel good, put one hand in the air."

Apparently there were no hands in the air at her Brisbane (Hey, that's by my sister Katie) concert.


Dance move of the week: Marching Band

I used a roll of Transformer wrapping paper I have for my nephews as a trumpet and an exercise ball as a big drum.

Nice random things that make me happy

1) When streetcars stop for people running after them.
2) When all cars and pedestrians stop for sirens.
3) When kids at the daycare on the way home from work run into their parents arms.
4) When fat people laugh.
5) When people in restaurants by themselves suddenly get joined by guests.
6) When people give homeless people money or buy them food.
7) The cute dog outside the fabric store on Queen, west of Spadina. It doesn't like to be petted, but I know it likes me. Right beside McDonalds, yo.
8) When kids ask me "if I'm taller than (fill in the blank) i.e. their brother, bridges, trees, CN Tower, etc. Cute.
9) When I can reach groceries for the short. I actually live for this. I love to be asked to reached.
10) When I can provide strangers especially tourists directions. I actually seek them out. Love this.
11) When, most like tonight I can spend all the change I have playing lots of Dolly in a row in the Juke Box at the Henhouse and the crowd seems to like it.
12) When great things happen to great people. Like Michelle newest adventure in employment. Yay Michelle!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cute peguin!

I love penguins! Thanks Angie for making this go in my facebook feed. The music sucks but the peguin is super dooper cute:

Thats one lucky asshole.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm a little bit crazy...

We all know this. Part of my craziness stems from me trying to make the world a cleaner and safer place. I saw an unintended full bag of garbage and the stairs today when I was entering the subway after work around 1am tonight.

I thought it was a strange place for this to be. I briefly inspected it. You never know it could be explosive. I then reported it to the station ticket taker as I know I would sleep better knowing that I did this. It was also too late to call Michelle for advice. He didn't seem that bothered. I told him I was just letting him know that their was an unusual bag on the stairs on the subway.

I was just trying to help.


Mya Pussy found out this morning at 5am when she decides to dive bomb me when I am deep in sleep. She freaked me out. I jumped out of bed, the duvet came with me catapulting her across the room. She landed on her feet and is fine. But we then had a long talk about how this isn't good for either of us.

Silly Mya Pussy!

Yummy: Phil's Original BBQ

Mmmm yummy! My Olympic night shifts are causing me to forget telling you my peers, about mine and Mel's yummy bday dinner last Thursday, we went to Phil's Original BBQ in my hood at College and Ossington. It was so good. We both got ribs and then we got dirty. They were so good. The beans were amazing too. I have had dreams of them since then.

Here is me preparing to chow down:

And here is Mel preparing for her long awaited meal:
Mel and I will be back since she is one of the few carnivores I know. We were supposed to do deep aqua fit before dinner as we both love to swim. But the pool was closed due to fouling. That was shitty.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First patio day of the winter

Yay! Today I spent the afternoon on Ronnie's Local 069's Patio. Patio in February yes please. Amazing! Although snow is in the forecast for the beginning of this week so it's not going to last.

Then I went to see Valentine's Day with Flava Flay and Mikey B. It was super cute. Taylor Swift was annoying but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love Rom Coms. Julia Roberts was in the movie for only 6 minutes throughout and managed to make me shed a tear. I'm such a girl when it comes to getting emotional at girlie movies. I have no shame.

Best line of the week: Monologue

Angie made me laugh the most this week telling about a guy who wanted to have a heart to heart with her at the bar.

"He already had started a monologue before I had turned on the channel"

Amazing! This is me after a few drinks wearing Angie's top.

29 and feeling fine

Naco Gallery, March 6, 10:30pm. Come celebrate my birthday dancing to the girlie pop that I love.

My friend's just found out that I won the Christian Attitude Award every year in Catholic School. I have a trophy, several ribbons and got $500 from the ladies Church group at high school grad. Christian Attitude is the theme.

Thanks to Michelle and Birdie for organizing!

Click here to see me animated. Mom, you will love this!

This picture makes me happy.

I look massive. It strange sometimes when you see just how tall you are. If only Michelle was here too then it would be perfect, next time.

Shout out to the girls and Sammy who got me in to Yes, Yes, Y'all after I had to come late after work. What a fun night. This is one of my favourite bar nights and the first time all my friends were there.

Check out Angie's photos of the night here.

Friday Falls: Table Wipe out

I've been busy but I'm back:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And Bingo was his name-o!

Tonight we went to dirty bingo. Angie stole the first 2 games. Congrats Birdie. The host is hilarious. She is raunchy and fun. I love raunch so my laugh was out of control and often called out as fun by the host.

I won the third game. It was fun. To get your prize at dirty bingo you have to do something dirty. I had to lap dance a lady I know only somewhat. It was a hit. Apparently hips have never been seen to move in ways like that before. It was hot. I don't pull it out for just anyone. Tomorrow's dance move of the week is all about hips.

Check out us winners here.

Music to my ears: Florence and Dizzie Rascal

Last night's Brit Awards did to Florence and the Machine what my beloved Pink's grammy performance did to her. Stole the show and catapulted them into superstardom.

I love this song. She performs a new version with Dizzie Rascal. Amazing. I love this song. She is playing the Phoenix April 10. I will be there.

Here is Pink's performance in case you missed it:

I'm clumsy...

and somewhat very retarded but I've learned to find the humour in all things. Including this morning when I was stretching before yoga in my bedroom, it was the best stretch of my life. I felt so tall. So tall in fact I punched my glass light fixture and it broke in 100s of small pieces and fell on my head.
Yep, all that fell on my head. No cuts or bumps though. That's a good thing because Mya Pussy, as we know is not up to snuff in calling 911.

Being a Man of leisure is hard work.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Olympics are taking years off my life

I don't know why but as I increasing age I get a lot more nervous in life. I need to kick this habit. Today's men's figure skating caused my heart to skip a few beats. Everyone kept falling. The snowboard cross where Maelle Ricker won the gold made me crazy too. I watched this from my desk at work. I think my groains and screams disturbed some co-workers. I swear from co-worker is going to find me passed out from a heart attack. I should also teach Mya Pussy had to dial 911.

I think she can handle it. Oh boy! 12 more days to go. You can handle it Marky, you can do it!

Uh oh, she doesn't seem so in to phone calls. Practice makes perfect though, or should I say purrfect. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

This is turning out to be the best concert year ever!

One of my favourites, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings will be playing Sound Academy (boo! I hate Sound Academy) Tuesday May 25. Yay! Tickets go on sale this Friday.

This bitch gots soul.

Wednesday I will be a man of leisure

I have always been of the lifestyle of a lady of leisure. Tomorrow I will be living it. I am working a night shift so I have the full day to myself.

I will awake and do a yoga DVD. Then slip into Lululemon athletic gear and go to Starbucks so a venti latte. That will be followed by a trip to whole foods. I'll hit the gym after lunch and back to Starbucks for more coffee. Followed by a brisk walk and then off to Scarborough.

Oh what a day it will be. I could get use to this. Ladies of leisure got it going on.

So excited, so excited, so excited

ET did a preview of the Glee Madonna episode coming in April. Glee + Madonna = Me squealing like a school girl.

Only 2 more months.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Friday Falls: Hammer throw Fail

Music to my ears: The Knife's new Opera

Not only did they create dance music I strip to before showering. They have also created a beautiful double disc opera CD which you can stream on the CD here.

Cute: Kitty!

I love long weekends.

This weekend was super fun.

Friday was crazy busy, work followed by Olympics with the Flay. Fun times! Then Karolyne's from work's bday party at the 5th. I don't belong on Richmond Street in Club district. I stick out like a tall sore thumb in a bar full of dress pants and button up shirts with lots of buttons undone. Then I had fun with my ladies at Blondies and then made it to Ron's Olympic party for last call. Fun! I never have this much going on. I am not that cool.

Saturday, Mikey B came over. Remember he is Australian. We got in a fight because he didn't know who Wayne Gretzky was. Then we went to see our friends Wade, Kris and Margot who were the only good things about a dark and seedy bar with lack lusture clientelle. Props to Margot for wearing her coat made of wig hair it was fun to play with. Then 2 of my favourite M's, Mikey B and Margot and I went and had corn flake chicken sandwiches at the Lakeview Lunch after 2am. Mikey B liked it so much he brought his roomie there the next day but then got food poisioning.

Sunday I worked then met up with my ladies and Ron for fun times.

I feel I need a long weekend to recooperate.

All and all it was super fun. I really enjoy my friends.

Best lines of the week: Hammered and Peers

2 sayings that made me laugh this week:

1) Monica getting a little tipsy after 2 drinks with our department. She has been eating nothing but salad for the last 2 months to get the perfect beach bod for her Brazil trip next week. I said as she stumbled out:

"Oh God, she is hammered and malnourished." All of work laughed.

2) Belle faceplanting off of a dark dance floor at fridays lesbian night at Blondies.

"I just fell in front of my peers" (aka lesbians.) Since Belle and I have a long history of laughing at eachother's falls I would have pissed my pants had a seen it but I was waiting them outside.

These 2 girls slay me.

Mi-Shit List: Roadside Zoos

Don't mess with Michelle and animals. She has penned her first Mi-Shit List (I wrote the first one based on facts.)

Ontario Roadside Zoos

Almost anyone, regardless of experience, expertise or financing can start a zoo in Ontario. The provincial government does not licence or regulate the keeping of exotic wildlife which represents approximately two-thirds of all the animals kept in Ontario zoos. People don't even have to prove to the Government that they have the money to support the animals. This is total bullshit...and the fact that we allow this to happen is so Un-Canadian of us. I feel a little ashamed, don't you?

Do not visit roadside zoos or animal displays.
If you do stop at a roadside zoo and see an animal in distress you should contact the Ontario SPCA immediately.

This video is kinda cheesy but it shows the "lives" of animals in the roadside zoos.

Family Day

Screw Valentines Day. Yay Family Day. I love my family. They are good times. It's nice that so many people can get along so well. Let's say something nice about each of my family members.

Dad - Nicest person I know.
Mom - The glue that keeps us all together. Also thanks for making me cute.
Tim - He buys me Wendys in the car all the time.
Marcia - Has been a great source of support since I met her, especially in the last year.
Carolyn - My drinking buddy.
Dave - has a hot tub. Hot tubs are fun.
Ainsley - Is the newest addition married in. She is super nice.
Laura - She calls and tells me stories I would think are funny. That's fun.
Katie - is super nice and caring and makes good cookies.
Ian - Thinks my favourite colour is stripes. Cute.
Ben - Loves pickles much like his Unky Mark.
Aven - Likes TV, I love TV.

I spent my family day with my Toronto Family of best friends who I love watching my favourite Comedian Margaret Cho's new DVD Beautiful. This girl cracks me up.

In the clip below Margaret who is married to man but very open to anything talks about what she wants to do sexually to Sarah Pallin. If you are my mom or like my mom it may be to crude to handle. Just a warning.

People pleasing is what I do best

This week I was a pretty nice Good Samaritan. Thursday night I found $20 in a bank machine in a bar. What to do with this money, I thought. I looked at it. I pondered. Then I texting my karma queen Michelle asking her what to do with it. I didn't want some asshole to buy more drinks with it. Michelle texted back and suggested it go to a donation box. I agreed. It went in the Haiti box at Tim Hortons the next day. Then after I donated all the money I had in my wallet to Haiti I was going to pay with Pay pass only to learn that it would be declined because a bar charged my card $4,600 instead of $46 when I took Michelle out for drinks on Tuesday. I was pissed and it showed. Everything will be corrected.

I also ran after a man who dropped a glove. I had to run fast to because he couldn't hear my yelling. I also was concerned a gym bag at a Subway station that looked to be left could be something not good so I waited and observed it only for a person 20 feet away to come and get it and go on a train. I was like an undercover spy. It was fun. Safety first!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympics with the Flay

Who is one of my favourite ladies in the whole world? Alicia Flay. We spent some Olympic time together this weekend.

Check out Flay in her new birthday Snuggie from yours truly. HOT LADY!!!!!

Welcome Homo

Friends who blog together stick together. One of my favourite people Angie has started a photo blog of gay and lesbian bar nights called Welcome Homo.

She is incredibly talented.

Click here, then click parties to check out Friday's Scissors night for lesbians. There you will see my super cute Bestie Isobelle:
And I made it to the bar just in time to say hi after the Olympics and pick up this 4ft, 11 little stranger lady and start swinging her around the dance floor.
Good work Angie darling,
Lurve you!
Welcome home, Welcome Homo!


Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been looking for my Valentine.

Today is Valentine's Day. If you are someone who celebrates it, Happy Valentines Day. I've never really bought into Valentines Day and it's not because my dating life is pure shit and I am incredibly single. I always have felt that you shouldn't need a day to tell the ones you love that you love them. My friends often hear me say "I love you." It should be said all the time.

I also don't like how it can make some single people feel lonely or inadequate. With tomorrow being a holiday I bet many of those people will be at the bars tonight trying to pick up some V-Day action. It's sad.

I will be spending my Valentines' Day night in romantic Scarborough with my first love, TV and new love Olympics working a night shift.

If I am done early enough I may just be one of those desperate people at the bar too. (I kid.) Single is fun.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Yay! They are here

(that's me cheering.) Today at work we were encouraged to wear red in support of our athletes. I didn't wear red. I didn't want to look like everyone else. My co-workers knowing that I love rules were also surprised. I am going rogue." I declared. "Rules are meant to be broken."

But then I saw everyone at work in red having fun together and then I was sad. I don't know what got into me. I love rules.

I was watching the torch run today and both Rolly Fox (father of Terry) and Walter Gretzky (Father of Wayne and a Brantford boy too, just 3 streets over from my parents) ran with the torch. They were interviewed together and I started tearing up. I am such a pussy. But it was nice and I love old people. So knowledgible and heart warming.

Then I saw the Georgian Luger's crash and I was so sad. He passed away from his crash in practice. If the turn is known as the 50/50 turn, where you have a 50% chance of not crashing.

So sad.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sexy and the city councillor

Okay, for the majority of the last 24 hours I thought Adam Giamborne was a big pig like Tiger Woods (he still totally is.)

A co-worker did make me feel a small bit sympathetic for him briefly today. Young, tall, nerdy, man in his 20s becomes a city councillor sluts from far and wide throw themselves at him. He starts having relations with them. Probably his first time with ladies as a 26 year old councillor. I don't feel bad for the guy. The power went to his head (will both heads.) He is a whore.

This 20 year old mistress screams whore too though. Who leaks an affair to their mother and has her mom's support and then submits a Whitby mall Glamour Shot as her pic for the papers.

I think it was a good thing that Giamborne stepped down for the mayor race.
1) Because I am rooting for George Smitherman.
2) He has ran the TTC into the ground, we can't afford for him to screw up the city anymore.
3) The lady he calls his life partner is hot. Poor her. I feel bad for her.
4) He lives around the corner from me. My dirty look has been perfected.
5) We have some things in common. I too was a young politican. I was elected to my grade 8 council as secretary. With a platform stressing that boys can be secretaries as well. I was a big whore with all the power back then too.

Okay I think it's bed time, work tomorrow. I don't want to be screwed like a fat 20 year old on Adam's office couch.

Good night!
xo xo

Best line of the week: Strawberry beer

Today one of my favourite ladies Flava Flay and I discussed The Valentines Day soundtrack in depth. Click the link to stream it. Even happily single I love love-songs. They just make me feel warm and fuzzy. I have so much love to give which is dedicated to my amazing friends. When the time is right I will transition it to a special someone. No rush. I am cool with that. I have been doing some necessary weeding of my relationship garden.

We then started talking about the amazing new LCBO at King and Spadina. So amazing. The vintages section is to die for. Plus the selection of weissebier, my favourite kind of beer makes me weak in the knees.

Flay then talked about the strawberry beer they sell.

"It was good, it was girlie, had the bottle have been pink I would have died. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She wrote.

So cute I love the Flay. She makes me very happy. We will be watching the Olympics together. Can't wait. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Flay squeals when excited.

Look Ma, Still no cavities

Today I went to the dentist and I am still cavity free 30 days from my 29th birthday. Amazing. I had a really good dentist appointment today. My lowest levels of scaling and my best PSR scores to date. Low PSR scores are good. I don't recall what PSRs are, but the lower the better. I was a 2.

I love going to the dentist. I go 4 times a year. Thanks TV union. I have natually occuring small pockets in my gums along my molars. So they make sure I keep them clean. Which I do. That's what Flossing, gum stimulating, tounge scrapping, brushing and rinsing does for you. It may take 10 minutes out of my life before bed but so worth it.

Oral health is part of your overall heath.

Fun nights

Last night friends of mine went skating at Nathan Phillips Square. I chose not to participate as I should not be let around children with sharp objects. Michelle was not into skating as well so if we are going to be cold, we might as well be drunk I thought. So I took her out for drinks. It was fun. It was fun to see the parents and kids out skating as well. It no secret that I love kids and can't wait to have my own once I get over my whoring stage.

One kid found debrie on the ice and was all like "Mom, it's going to ruin to my skates but I need to throw this out." It was a crushed coffee cup. I said "Don't ruin your skates, I'll throw it out." I did. That little girl was cute.

I feel last night will be the same when my own kids want to go skating. I'll let them skate by themselves and Michelle and I will show up buzzed and do whiskey shots while we wait.

Why wouldn't I get the seal of approval from adoption agencies.

Then we went to the Keg for food and drinks by the fire. So nice. As me, Michelle and Birdie were walking home we thought it would be rude to walk past our local, Ronnies 069 and not have a drink. So we did. I taught a few people in the bar the German cheers a friend taught me.

Here goes: Table top, table bottom, table left, table right, table top, bottom, left, right, table, table, drink.

Tonight I took my good friend Juli out for sushi for her long over due Birthday diner. Then we played New Super Mario Brothers Wii with her husband. It was a fun night. Here is Juli and I in Cuba drinking Mojitos on our way to Havana last April. That was a fun time.

Dolly can you hear me

Dear Dolly,

If ever I have needed you to listen to me it's right now. Word on the street is that Jack White from the White Stripes wants to produce your next album. Please, please do this. He did amazing things for Loretta Lynn. That bitch won Grammys in 2005. He could introduce you to a whole new audience base. As your biggest fan, this guy is all for it.

See he and his sister even cover your songs. Amazing.

Yours, through your boobs,

Michelle's Mi-Shit List: Uganda

So we have been talking about this for a while. My friend Michelle seems to always unearth stories of bad people doing bad things. They go on Michelle's Mi-Shit List (get it, Michelle, Mi-Shit, sounds the same.) She is one of the most educated people I know when it comes to the unfairness of the world. She uncovered this:

Uganda is considering legislation that would make being gay punishable by prison -- or even death.

Following widespread condemnation, the bill is now under review, but brave Ugandan campaigners and church leaders have called on Avaaz to take action, saying only worldwide condemnation, in support of their national efforts, could stop the bill.

With courageous people working against intolerance and persecution in Uganda. Sign the petition urging Uganda to withdraw the bill, and it will be delivered to The President of Uganda, his embassies around the world and major donors:

AVAAZ is a great new online movement trying to to close the gap between the world we have, and the world most people everywhere want.

“Avaaz” means “Voice” in many Asian, Middle Eastern and Eastern European languages. I am a new member. "Oh no they didn't."

Sign the petition here.

Monday, February 8, 2010


In late November I posted a really nice story about how Toronto Maple Leafs GM, Brian Burke's son, Brendan came out to his family as a homosexual and they fully accepted him. The manly hockey coach said "I hope the day comes, and soon, when this is not a story." Brendan Burke was also spreading acceptance and tolerance in the sports world as he played University hockey.

21 year old Brendan was killed in a car accident on Friday. His funeral is tomorrow in Indian This is sad. The world lost someone who could have been a strong voice for equal rights. I am a huge supporter for equal rights, whether race, sexuality, religion or gender. This should not be an issue anywhere in the world in 2010.

Here is the original post and the really nice story. And here is some info on the recent events.

So sad.

I often fall: College street tumble

I am all for the government ripping up all the streets in downtown to create jobs in these tough economic times but they are not doing a good job of refinishing the roads and sidewalks. Today I tripped on some re-finished uneven road and did one of those falling tumbling type of falls across College Street at Ossington. One knee hit the ground after running while falling for about 20 feet. Atleast all the cars and pedestrians got a free spazzy show out of me. It wasn't as bad as a usual Marky fall.

Beyonce had a minor fall this weekend too. I have a lot common with B. Both us were born in 81, we have amazing singing voices, legs that seem to go on forever and we both fall.

She recovers better than I do. Sometimes Beyonce falls hard too. This is usually more like one of my falls as well.

Music to my ears: Sade

Oh dear Lord. Sade is back. People are going to be having sex like crazy. There is something about her smooth beats and silky voice that just make people want to remove clothing and get sweaty. I love her. This is her first album in 10 years. Soldier of Love is in Stores tomorrow. You can stream for free on Spinner this week. I think 2010 will see a Sade inspired baby boom.

Check out the sexy video for the track Soldier of Love her.

Please practice safe Sade-ing. Growwwwwwlllllll!

Tip: Stock up on gloves

A few weeks ago I left a pair of $60 leather gloves in a cab. I realized this as it was driving away. Despite my best efforts those gloves drove out of my life.

Today I forgot my replacement gloves (it's Monday, shit happens.) Then I was out for daily 30 minute power walk at lunch when my hands were getting cold. You can't sashay down Queen Street with hands in your pockets. So I decided to try Urban Outfitters for gloves. I found the same ones I lost and they were on clearance for $10. All gloves, $10. You can save up to 50 bones like me.

So if you are around an Urban Outfitters, it may be a good idea to grab another pair or 2 because if you lose them soon you will be shit outta luck. They wool ones too for the people who don't wear leather.

Vogue by Madonna came on iTunes so I decided to Vogue for the photo.

Watch this: The Hurt Locker

Tonight Mya and I cozied up and rented The Hurt Locker, nominated for 9 Oscars, including Director and Picture. It was really good. I almost died of a heart attack from the suspense but most thing's in life stress me out to this point.

The film follows 3 U.S. military techinicans from a bomb squad in the streets of Baghdad. The score, cinematography and amazing editing will have you on the edge of your seat for the whole 133 minutes. This guy (that's me) is hoping Kathryn Bigelow beats her ex-husband James Cameron for the Directing Oscar. They have been pretty neck and neck this awards season.

Even stevens

Every first Friday of the month I go and see my esthetician to turn my unibrow back into 2 separate eyebrows.

Last Friday Bella had a cold, she had a mask but it was around her neck. I was 10 minutes because I went for a Friday drink after work with co-workers and lost track of time. I could feel her breath going into my nostrils. It was gross. I would have asked her to put the mask on but she kind of scares me and I was late. I rushed home and washed my orifices. Luckily, I didn't get a cold.

Since I had a beer and a walk in the cold I had to use the washroom at the spa. I really, really had to go. As I was about to go a wayward stream of urine shot out missed the toilet and went into the waste basket beside the toilet. I quickly re-gain control and got it back in the toilet. I guess I can't complain about the germ breath in my nostrils anymore. Even stevens I say!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

OMG: 5 days

I can barely contain myself. The wet dreams need to end.


Wink, Wink

This week I saw a lady with an eye patch on Queen Street. Having been born with strabismus I am very sympathetic to eye patches. How much is this lady seeing I thought. So I decided to complete my walk home down Queen Street closing one eye. Although righty was not cooperating. It kept popping back open.

It must have looked like I was winking at everyone. Including this very old, very gay man who actually stopped me and said "Hey, How you do doing?" I decided the eye close was not a good idea and continued walking home both eyes open. It's better that way.

I tried winking on camera but it wasn't working and Mya Pussy is acting very cute so he is just a pic of me and her.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yesterday I was laughing so loud at work (this often happens) that I disturbed a meeting one floor above me (this usually doesn't happen.)

I asked myself why can I laugh loud and not talk loud. Something I was talking to friends today about and Michelle suggested a vocal coach. I am hooking that shit up first thing Monday am. While I am there I am going to make my coach make me the best singer I can be.

I blow at singing but I love it. In grade 5 a teacher by the name of one Mrs. Api Stagger told me at the Christmas Concert I had to move my lips to the words but not sing because I sing off key and will ruin it for the others. She gave me a complex, still to this day. She is not my favourite person.

Here is a picture of Cat and I singing karaoke. I am sure that it is teen pop. I look insane. I hope I don't always look like that when I sing. Off for tacos with my besties. My fav! Mmmm! Yummy!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Falls: Figure Skating

OMG!!!! 1 week away.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dance move of the week: Tambourine

This song from Eve is hot. Luckily for me I do own a tambourine. I felt sexy,sassy and ghetto all at once.

Here is the actual video. Sexy, sexy hot!

Facebook ho hum

So 2 things have been going around facebook this week to try to breath new life into it. First is Doppleganger week. Where you post pics of famous people you look like. These are the 2 I get the most.

Clark Kent:Secondly, I often hear I am a taller skinner version of Dan from MTV. I like Dan, he is hilarious on the after show and take it as a compliment when I hear it.

The other facebook thing was to search your first name in urban dictionary. This is what it said about me:

1. mark

noun. A person identified as an easy target, or "sucker". A mark is always the short end of a joke or scam, and is never let in on whats going on. A mark is usually being cheated out of money. It's origin is from old English traveling carnivals from the late 1800s to early 1900s, where workers would refer to people paying to see thier made up shows and games a "mark". not from urban gangsters like most people think. Mark is also the origin to the term "smark" or "smart mark" which is a person who know's he/she is being scamed.
This town has a lot of marks.
by AJ Mar 30, 2005
2. Mark

the most sexy, erotic, flirtatious, hot stuff, bootylicious 4 letter word you'll ever see. If you spell it backwards, you get kram which according to urban dictionary means smoking weed/ganja/herb; how cool is that! I know you're impressed. If you take the mark out of supermarket, all you're left with is superet and that's pretty stupid cause why would you go out to the superet, it makes no sense. Mark means warlike, especially in bed if ya know what i mean. Its definitely the coolest word/name ever cause if you spell it frontwards and backwards, its different!!!
On your Mark, Get Set, Go!
3. mark

no words to decribe him, other than "a walking god!" he is the reason you live. the sooner you accept that, the better. he may not be interested in you, yet, but wait... i did, and now he's mine... so if theres a mark in your life that you want and find irresistable... chances are he's interested in you, so just wait... your time will come.. i guarantee! good luck, i wish the best to you....
FRIEND 1: "omg! who is that hottie with a body over there? he is irresistably hot. i wish he knew i was alive.... "
FRIEND 2: "oh him? that's mark, of course. who doesn't know him?"
*mark starts walking toward them*
FRIEND 1: "omg! omg! he's coming over here, do you think he likes me? theres now way he could, im too ugly..."
FRIEND 2: "don't be too sure.... he always goes for the girl that least expects it, in this case.... your the girl, good luck! HI MARK!"
MARK: "hello ladies. i was just talking to my friends, when i spotted the most beautiful person i have ever seen, so i decided to come over here and ask her out to the movies this friday. what do you say?"
FRIEND 2: "who is the beautiful person? me, or her?"
MARK: "sorry, but it's her, not you... so, will you?"
FRIEND 1: "omg. of course. i can't believe you think i'm beautiful... no ones ever said that too me, besides my parents, but they have to say it..."
MARK: "great, i'll pick you up around 7:30? k?"
FRIEND 1: "yea, it's great. i can't wait!"
*mark walks away*
FRIEND 2: "what did i tell you?"
FRIEND 1: "wow, i am so excited, and nervous, i never would have thought mark would ask me out!!! this is the best day of my life!
*thus concludes, the best day of her life, this could be you, if you know a mark... just wait.... your time will come*

Speaking of facebook today I did a nice clean up of friends. If you added me because we have a nice group of mutual friends but I have never met you, Buh bye. If you fill up my news feed, outta there. If I added you because of we have the same name but never met, so long. No hard feelings. It's me not you. Not everyone deserves to look at your pics.

This is sexy

I need to get me a leather jacket. (My birthday is almost a month away.) Yummy, yum, yum. I hate guns and don't promote them but this makes me like them a little bit. Grrrrrr....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Giddy Up: New, New Young Pony Club

The UK's New Young Pony Club has released their second single from their new album "The Optimist" out March 2. (That's 6 days before my 29th Birthday. This bitch is getting old.)

Here is the 2nd single from the album, Chaos.

It's different. I like, maybe not love but their was also a point I didn't like my dear Tori Amos. I came to my senses.

Yee Haw!

Best line of the week: Top shelf

Mikey B is my new favourite person in Toronto. Having an amazing guy friend in a town where I have many guy acquaintances but not many guy friends has been awesome. Tonight he noted that on this blog the last 2 nights we have hung out I have described as medium. The only thing medium about those nights have been the venues and clientele. Nights out with Mikey B are amazing. I look up to him. He embraces his singleness. As Mikey B says:

"I am top shelf. It's the shelf that no one has been able to reach yet. You are too yet."

That's a nice saying. It's important to be yourself and keep your standards high.

We love Mikey B.

It's almost super Sunday

Will you be watching? I sure as hell won't be. But if you are a fan of the football. If this doesn't get you in the mood I'm not sure what will. Yes, I am wearing multiple uniforms. They only shot my glorious legs as I starred as football legs number 1 in a TV commercial over a year ago.

I won't be watching.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who doesn't love a girlie love song?

Most people. But I sure do love them. Know what else I love? Romantic comedies. Here is Jewel's song Stay Here Forever from Valentine's Day in theatres February 12th. These are just 2 of life's little pleasures that contribute to my generally positive attitude and frequent smile. These are also 2 things that make me completely girlie.

Oh and if you get the gain ad before the video, I'm thinking that was done by my 2 favourite female aussies. Amazing!

This is hilarious: Shake weight

This makes me giggle and blush all at the same time. My new infomercial obsession.

Oh Mom and Dad! Little Marky D will be turning 29 in just over a month. Hint. Hint. I want this. Although I am kind of wondering why my arms are not bigger than they currently are.

Ellen loves it too:

Fun: ceiling streamers

Chris had ceiling streamers for Monica's pre-party. Fun! They were fun to dance with. You can get them in all the colours at Balloon City at Bathurst and Dundas. I will outfitting my entire apartment with multiple colour ceiling streamers. I'll even put them around Mya Pussy's litter box.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Music to my ears: New Hot Chip

The new Hot Chip album is here. The British dance group's newest disc is in stores Tuesday and and streaming here now.

And April 20th they are playing Kool Haus with XX. I got my tix. Can't wait. I get to see XX with JJ April 4th as well.

Here is the 2nd single from the album, One life stand.

Stop making that duck face

This website is hilarious. It encourages girls to stop pushing their lips together almost like a kiss for photos in the hopes that it makes their lips look big and sexy. As someone who was blessed with a good set of lips, I will tell you ladies you have to let them be natural.

Here is my best duck face.

Ke$ha had a case of duck face at the Grammys last night. She is so bad ass. Dollar sign instead of an "S," duckface. Bad ass indeed.

Click the link above to see all the hot mess action.

Pocket cupcake

If there is one thing I love about Michelle's sister Erin, it's her baking. Michelle went home and brought me back a cupcake. I put it in my coat pocket and then today when I was on my daily lunchtime walk I rediscovered that the cupcake was on me. I had totally forgot. What a happy boy I was to down the cupcake with my afternoon herbal tea. Yum Yum. Chocolate Cheesecake birthday muffins.

I took a bit before I took the pic.

Mmmmm yummy!

La La Land more like Ha Ha Land

This show is amazing. It's on TMN Mondays at 11 and also on demand.

It makes me laugh and is filling the Summer Heights High void.