Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Watch this: How to look good naked Canada

Tonight I caught a portion of an episode for Canada's version of How to look good naked. It was actually really well done. The production value was as good as any reality show in the U.S. In the show host Zain (who I know a bit) takes a female will low self esteem and teaches her how to dress to show off her best features. He was good in his new role as well.

Tonight's episode had a lady named Jenn (I think) who had been wearing men's jeans all her adult life so that they wouldn't show off her legs. Then when she was taught how to wear jeans to show off her curves. She started to cry. I shed one tear (such a girl.) I really like cute chubby ladies.

I am not sure when it airs. This episode aired tonight at 11, which I don't think would be it's regular spot. Do some research if you are interested. Check the W Network website.

Good Work W, Nice to see Canada production thrive.

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